8 Northern Music Artists that Will Help You Through Your Divorce

It has been said that music helps sooth us in times of deep stress, such as divorce. In this article, we’re going to turn up the volume on eight northern music artists that will help you through your divorce…

Most people finish their wedding day with great hopes for the future, including a long and happy marriage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always quite work out that way for around 42% of married couples in the UK.

They find themselves going through the pain and stress of a divorce, including sorting out child custody and dividing the family home.

During a divorce, many people turn to music as a solace; the wedding march is often replaced by ballads with forlorn lyrics or sassy songs for motivation. Here are 10 northern artists to help relight your fire…

Ed Sheeran

Born and raised in Halifax, Yorkshire, Ed Sheeran is one of the most popular artists in the UK. In fact, at the time of writing, he has an impressive three entries in the UK Top 40.

Despite only being 31, it seems that Ed knows a thing or two about heartbreak as many of his songs are about break ups, including the popular Happier which features heart-rending lyrics such as:

Then only for a minute, I want to change my mind. ‘Cause this just don’t feel right to me, I wanna raise your spirits, I want to see you smile but know that means I’ll have to leave”.  

The Smiths

They say that misery loves company and The Smiths, led by Davyhulme born Morrissey, have plenty of that with a smattering of wry humour thrown in for good measure.  

Songs like I Know It’s Over and Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me will provide a musical shoulder to cry on during the bleak days of your divorce with lyrics such as:

“Sad veiled bride, please be happy, handsome groom, give her room. Loud, loutish lover, treat her kindly (though she needs you more than she loves you). And I know it’s over – still I cling, I don’t know where else I can go”. 

Sam Fender

Another current chart topper, Sam Fender, from North Shields, had one of the biggest selling albums of 2021 with his hit Seventeen Going Under

If you’re going through a particularly nasty divorce, you may appreciate Sam’s track Pretending That You’re Dead with lyrics such as: 

“Is it really her and him? Do you think that they are doing it? I’m lying in my empty bed, pretending that you’re dead”’

Elvis Costello

Best known for his peppy hits such as Oliver’s Army and Watching the Detectives, Liverpool’s finest also has many more introspective songs, including Toledo and Trunkworthy.  

Costello’s clever lyrics and catchy melodies are the perfect antidote to the divorce blues:

“But it’s no use saying that I love you. And how that girl really didn’t mean a thing to me. For if anyone should look into your eyes, it’s not forgiveness they’re gonna see”. 

Def Leppard

If tear jerking ballads aren’t for you then Sheffield rockers, Def Leppard, might just do the trick. Formed in 1977, the band is still going strong and is responsible for hits such as Pour Some Sugar on Me and Rock Of Ages.

These songs will help you to blow away the cobwebs and start again once your decree absolute slips through the letterbox: 

“Fractured love, Fractured love. Iron fist in a velvet glove. Fractured Love, fractured love. Cracks in the mirror of this fractured love”.

Joe Cocker

Another Sheffield superstar, Joe Cocker, passed away in 2014, leaving behind a legacy of 22 albums. If you need some words of comfort when going through your divorce, songs like Unchain My Heart, Cry Me A River and With A Little Help From My Friends will do the trick:

“You drove me, nearly drove me out of my head – while you never shed a tear. Remember, I remember all that you said – Told me love was a stupid thing, you were through with me”.


Grounds for Divorce was one of the biggest hits for this Manchester band who met as students at Bury College. With haunting melodies and occasionally scathing lyrics, this is a great band to help lift your spirits when you’re feeling down in the dumps during your divorce:

“There’s a tiny cigarette case, and the rest you can keep”.

Cilla Black

We couldn’t, of course, have an article about northern artists without mentioning national treasure, Cilla Black. Best known in later years as a television presenter, Cilla Black enjoyed great success as an artist in her younger days. 

Although Cilla sadly passed away in 2015, her songs including Anyone Who Had A Heart and will help to keep you afloat during the tough times of your divorce. Cilla’s distinctive voice and tender lyrics may be just what you need to help you through. 

Can Music During Divorce Help Heal the Soul?

The North of England has produced a wealth of musical talent. From the unprecedented success of the Beatles to the Manchester phenomenon.  

While we’re not going to suggest that your divorce will be a walk in the park, music sometimes really does have magic powers. Whether it’s an upbeat tune to cheer you up, or a stunning voice that makes you feel a little less alone, you’ll be reassured that this too shall pass.

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