All about car filters: their purpose and types

The modern car is a complex and multi-level mechanism. Today it is constantly being improved and problems that only a few years ago could not be solved. However, every car still has parts and components that wear out quickly and are consumable. We are talking about car filters. Why are they needed and what are they? Let’s understand together. 

Car filters: why do we need them? 

Today in cars are used five types of filters: fuel, oil, cabin, air, particulate. It should be noted that the first four are consumables, but the last one fails very rarely. More often it “lives” as much as the car itself. However, we will talk about it a little bit later. The car filter is needed to clean transmission and motor oils, to filter the air, which is used by the car equipped with an internal combustion chamber and gets into the engine, and the one that goes directly to the cabin. In simple terms, the filter must ensure proper and stable operation of all systems in the car. What characteristics should these consumables have? In short, they are made small enough, they should be as reliable as possible (especially when the vehicle is used in conditions of overloads and critical modes) and perform their main function, namely to effectively remove all kinds of dirt.

Types of filters

– Let’s start with the filter, the existence of which every motorist knows, regardless of the driving experience. We are talking about the cabin filter. In this case, its task is to clean the air before it enters the car. So, the air comes from outside and goes through the ventilation system, air conditioning and even the heater. So what does the air need to be cleaned from before it enters the cabin? At the very least, road dust, pollen from trees and plants, and dirt particles. In addition, some modern filters can even remove exhaust fumes. Besides caring for the health and comfort of the passengers, these filters also protect the above mentioned systems from various failures. But also there are the following types of car filters, so let’s move further. 

– Let’s speak about the air filter next. It is needed to prevent different garbage, dust and sand which are always on the roadway from getting into the engine of your vehicle. In addition, it helps to consume fuel more economically, keeps the fuel from burning and smoking is not fully burned and, of course, is good for the overall condition of the machine. 

– Another type of filter is the oil filter. Its task is to provide a constant supply of oil and clean the very oil from impurities (we are talking about road dirt, metal particles and so on) that can get into the engine oil. To put it simply, this filter helps the engine to work more productively and not to break down, as well as to prevent the contamination of fresh oil. 

According to the fuel filter information from is needed to filter the fuel itself from foreign elements such as rust and sand mixed with dust. A clogged fuel filter badly affects (namely, reduces) the fuel supply, which reduces the performance of the car quite a lot. In addition, it avoids damage to vital machine parts. Timely replacement will help you significantly save on repairing quite expensive car parts. 

– And the last filter we mentioned above is the particulate filter. It is installed in vehicles that use diesel as fuel. It is installed in order to clean the exhaust gasses to the level that is prescribed in the euro standards. The particulate filter is quite durable and is installed for the entire life of the vehicle.

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