Bingo Becomes the Main Character for Entertainment in Yorkshire

Bingo has been a popular and traditional English pastime for over 300 years. It’s an easily accessible game that is quick to learn and open for everyone to play. In the 1950s and 1960s bingo halls all over the country were packed with players ranging from teenagers to pensioners. Bingo really is an activity that the whole family can enjoy and that’s a major part of its lasting appeal.

Bingo has seen somewhat of a revival in recent years, thanks to reliable online providers like Winkbingo that can be accessed via bingo website UK. Playing bingo online fits perfectly with our busy lifestyles, as players don’t need to commit a whole evening to the activity or travel anywhere special. Chat functions mean that you can still meet new people or play with existing friends, so you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out. You can even play on your smartphone while out and about, during a lunch break, or waiting for a bus.

With this revival has come a whole new generation of bingo fans, and revamped bingo events to match. You can still find pensioners grabbing their dabbers in working men’s clubs, but you’ll also find massive events held in clubs and warehouses, with millennials dancing on the tables and alcohol flowing freely. If you’re ready to delve into the new world of bingo in Yorkshire, here are some of the ways you can get involved.

Traditional Bingo Halls

Bingo Halls offer large bingo games with hundreds of players, making them fun, sociable events for everyone over the age of 18. These venues also serve food and drinks so you can make a night of it. Perfect for groups of friends who don’t want to have to battle with the volume in bars and nightclubs to have fun together. These bingo halls are typically open every day, so you don’t even have to plan in advance – just turn up and get straight into the fun.

Unfortunately, the large bingo halls that started to spring up outside towns in the 1980s have been under a lot of pressure over the last few years and have struggled with the fact that less customers are visiting. This year saw Mecca Bingo in Halifax close its doors for good and the company won’t promise there aren’t more closures to come before the end of the year.

Bingo Loco and Bongo’s Bingo

Part of the new era of crazy bingo nights, these companies stage ticketed events all over the world and they always sell out quickly. They combine bingo games with other elements of a great night out including beer and cocktails, DJ sets, karaoke, dance competitions, and glow sticks! Marketed as bingo rave nights they also offer massive prizes including foreign holidays. Bingo Loco has events planned many Yorkshire locations this year including Huddersfield, Wakefield, Doncaster, and York. Bongo’s Bingo can be found later this year in York, Leeds, and Hull.

Drag Queen Bingo

After the success of the TV Show Ru Paul’s Drag Race, drag queen entertainment has flourished. The sassy performers can often be found hosting karaoke nights, bingo nights, and dance parties, adding a more outrageous flavour to any night out. Drag Queen bingo events blend the fun and competition of bingo with comedy, performances, and guaranteed laughs. Often in smaller venues – like bars, pubs, and comedy clubs – you’ll need to get your ticket in advance, so you don’t miss out.

Bottomless Brunch Bingo

Daytime events are becoming increasingly popular, and what better way to spend your day than at a bottomless brunch? With unlimited champagne available while you play, as well as food and nibbles, players are well catered for. The bingo games here offer more traditional monetary prizes and might only be part of the entertainment on offer, as it’s the bottomless brunch itself which is the real attraction. For ladies – or lads – who love a leisurely lunch, a bottomless brunch bingo session is a great way to have fun and catch up with your favourite friends. 

Online Bingo

Online bingo takes the status of the most popular channel bingo is played on.

It’s thought around 4 million people in the UK play bingo regularly and the online bingo industry is booming. The average age of an online bingo player is 64, showing that it isn’t just the youngsters who prefer to play at their computers – in fact playing bingo online can be great for older people too, especially those who find it difficult to get out of the house independently as it keeps them connected with a hobby they love.

Yorkshire Bingo

Yorkshire folk are known to love traditional activities, and bingo falls firmly under this category, which is why you’ll find it in so many forms all over the counties. Bingo is still a favourite activity in local pubs, clubs, and village halls, whether fundraising or just putting on a good night. You can play online at home, or travel with friends to enjoy an amazing night out at one of the many bingo events happening every week, but however you play, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.


Modern bingo comes in many forms, giving players plenty of different ways to enjoy this classic British game. No wonder it is so popular in Yorkshire, especially when enjoyed in combination with good food and plenty of drinks, like at a Bingo Loco event.

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