Camelot UK Lottery Reports A Whopping £8.19bn in Sales For FY of 2022-23

Camelot UK Lotteries, the company behind the National Lottery, announced impressive sales figures for the 2022-23 financial year, reaching £8.19 billion (€9.42bn/$10.18 billion). The sales were bolstered by record-breaking digital sales and contributed to the second-highest annual total since the National Lottery’s launch in 1994.

The staggering figure represents a £99.6 million increase from the previous year and demonstrates the enduring popularity of the National Lottery among consumers. That said, trying their luck on the lotto is certainly not the only thing the Brits are known for. Many have also made use of the biggest no deposit bonus with UK codes – and similarly, operators have witnessed some generous wins on that forefront too.

Most Popular Games

Draw-based games emerged as the preferred choice, with sales totaling £4.74 billion, a year-on-year increase of £9.19 million. According to Camelot, this success was due to the outstanding performance of EuroMillions, benefiting from 30 draws featuring jackpots amounting to more than £100 million.  Additionally, Lotto maintained a steady performance despite fewer “Must Be Won” draws during the period.

Meanwhile, instant sales reached £3.45 billion, marking a noteworthy year-on-year rise of £7.7 million. Camelot put down this impressive growth to consumers purchasing Instant Win Games as spontaneous add-on products in conjunction with their EuroMillions tickets.

The rise in instant sales is particularly noteworthy considering the challenges faced by scratch card sales, which experienced a decline. Camelot attributes this shift in consumer behavior to changing shopping habits and the persistently challenging retail environment. 

As more players opt for digital channels and the convenience they offer, the traditional method of purchasing scratch cards at retail locations has been impacted.

Growth In Digital Sales

Digital sales for the National Lottery reached a remarkable £3.69 billion in the 2022-23 financial year, marking a significant increase of £274.2 million compared to the previous year. This surge was put down to a combination of appealing EuroMillions draws and several strategic initiatives, including an update to the National Lottery app’s draw-based games.

Mobile platforms, including tablets and smartphones, continued to dominate as the preferred channel for digital sales. Totaling £2.76 billion, mobile sales accounted for a substantial portion of the National Lottery’s digital revenue. The National Lottery app, with a staggering 2.5 million downloads during the year, played a pivotal role in driving these sales, representing over 70% of all mobile transactions.

Retail Sales Show Recovery Amidst Challenges

Despite facing challenging trading conditions, in-store sales made a slight recovery over the second half of the year, culminating in a full-year total of £4.50 billion. To support their retail partners, Camelot made significant investments and implemented initiatives such as maintaining high in-store standards and rewards programs. These efforts resulted in nearly £540,000 in cash rewards being awarded to independent shopkeepers during the period.

Camelot’s vast network of National Lottery retailers, comprising 43,000 locations, received a shared sales commission of £254.7 million. With an average of around £6,000 per store, this commission serves as a valuable source of income for retailers. Since the launch of the National Lottery in 1994, retailers have received a remarkable total of £7.70 billion in commission payments.

Greater Contributions To Good Causes

In the 2022-23 financial year, the National Lottery rewarded lucky players with an impressive total of £4.69 billion in winnings, marking a substantial rise of £81.7 million from the previous year. This remarkable figure stands as the second-highest amount ever recorded. Notably, this success led to the creation of 382 new millionaires, equating to more than one millionaire emerging each day.

The National Lottery’s dedication to supporting good causes remains unwavering. Over the mentioned period, a staggering £1.88 billion was generated for these causes, including unclaimed prizes that are redirected after a period of 180 days. This incredible achievement brings the total amount raised for good causes since the lottery’s inception to an impressive sum surpassing £47.0 billion. With £36.0 million being raised each week, the National Lottery continues to have a profound impact on various projects across the UK.

Allwyn Takes Over As Chief Executive Commends Lottery’s “Core Strengths”

The 2022-23 financial year marked the final year of Camelot’s operation of the National Lottery, as Allwyn is set to assume control on February 1, 2024. Earlier this year, Allwyn successfully acquired Camelot UK from the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan board (OTPP), covering all Camelot UK operations, including the existing rights to operate the National Lottery until the transition of control next year.

Allwyn’s Chief Executive, Robert Chvátal, expressed his satisfaction with the National Lottery’s performance in the past year, highlighting its “core strengths…in consistently delivering for good causes,” even in a challenging consumer spending environment. Chvátal emphasized the importance of working together with Camelot to successfully deliver the National Lottery throughout the upcoming year and the next decade, while doing so in a “safe and socially-responsible” way.

Looking Ahead

With the National Lottery delivering exceptional results and continuing to engage players and society, Camelot’s co-chief executives, Clare Swindell and Neil Brocklehurst, expressed their delight in the growth of National Lottery sales and the creation of nearly 400 millionaires. They shared their excitement for the upcoming year, emphasizing plans to ensure the National Lottery remains at the forefront of people’s minds and brings the nation together during key national moments. 

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