Can You Live in a Motorhome?

A new living trend has been steadily emerging in the UK in recent years, as aesthetic decisions and concepts from overseas have been met by unique societal and financial challenges. Since the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a significant uptick in sales of motorhomes and caravans, as more people switch from international holiday plans to domestic family trips.

This increase in motorhome purchases has come hand-in-hand with an increase in the number of van conversions taking place, as younger drivers buy used campervans for sale to turn into mobile homes. Not only are domestic holidays seeming to become more popular, but so too is the prospect of trading brick and mortar for life on the road. But is it feasible? And what are the key benefits of life in a motorhome?

A New Way of Life

‘Tiny homes’ have been a trend in the West for some time, as intrepid homeowners and minimalists alike seek the most effective and efficient ways to live in smaller spaces – whether for ecological reasons or to capitalise on minuscule properties in urban centres.

But the tiny home movement took a new turn in recent years, as the same philosophies that govern minimal living have been applied to life on four wheels. Van conversion show clever ways of rearranging personal effects, and motorhomes inspire a new way of viewing comfort altogether.

Social and personal factors have also had a significant impact on the decision to move permanently into a motorhome. For example, 57-year-old Ian Reeves told his story of new life after divorce to The Mirror. Ian described the newfound freedoms offered by life on the road, and considered motorhome life to be “the best thing that’s ever happened to [him].”

Affordable Living

One of the key draws to living out of a motorhome or van conversion relates not just to the freedom it can provide, but also largely to the relatively low costs involved. Motorhome living is significantly cheaper than renting or mortgaging a house, and also significantly minimised spend on energy and utilities.

The only ongoing costs a motorhome owner needs to worry about include motorhome insurance, fuel, energy, parking and the standard costs incurred by grocery shopping. Altogether, these make for a much more frugal way of living than heating and maintaining a home.

Additional Benefits

Full-time life on the road is a unique and profoundly affecting way of life, that affords new opportunities on a daily basis. Freelancers can travel and work anywhere in the UK that they would like – and, with the right visas, could even travel to other countries via their van to live and work on the road.

Living in your motorhome can also put you closer to nature – giving you significant physical and mental health benefits, from reduced exposure to polluted urban air to less stress overall.

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