CBD Business: Choosing the Right Courier

Branding shouldn’t be your biggest concern when producing CBD products. Many CBD manufacturers offer white label products to retailers and wholesalers, but finding the right courier to ship your CBD products to your customers can make or break your business. If you own a CBD business, you want to ensure that your products are shipped quickly and safely so your customers can start enjoying their products as soon as possible, without worrying whether they will get damaged or lost during shipping. 

However, deciding on the right courier services can be difficult, especially if you have never done this before or do not have an extensive background in business logistics. By following these guidelines, you’ll know how to choose the best courier service to meet your needs and ensure that your CBD business continues growing.


The cost of the courier company is essential because you will want to make sure that the company you choose offers the most affordable delivery solution. All of your competitors will be using couriers, so if yours is priced significantly higher than others, potential customers may go with another business. The more expensive options are often worth it in terms of quality, but consider whether or not price and quality correlate. As a CBD manufacturer, you don’t want your high-quality product delivery costs hurting your bottom line at the end of the day! A good courier company should offer both low prices and excellent customer service. If a courier charges a lot per delivery, but delivers reliably and on time every time, then perhaps paying a little extra isn’t bad. After you analyse the cost of the courier company, you may find that you will also benefit from additional business funding to help you fill in the gaps with essential payments.

However, suppose they don’t deliver reliably, then that can hurt your brand name in two ways: First off, unhappy customers will share their experience with friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays, everyone has an opinion about everything; chances are someone close to them uses CBD products as well (and they may have a different opinion). Secondly—and arguably even worse—they could share their negative experience publicly as part of a formal complaint process via sites like Trustpilot or Ripoff Report.

Delivery Time

It’s not always as simple as X delivery time equals better service. It depends on what you need to get done with your courier services and the best way to do it. Bear in mind that it will take you longer to do things if the delivery time is slower, so determine whether spending the extra money to get a product faster makes sense. If a fast turnaround time is required, consider working with only those couriers who can make that happen, even if they cost more per package delivered. 

Delays can lead to lost revenue and unhappy customers. Timely deliveries are important because they help build customer trust. People like knowing that their packages will arrive when promised, which means choosing a reliable courier service is crucial. Also, timely deliveries help ensure that products are shipped out before expiry dates or other specific events (like holidays). This way, you don’t need to worry about losing sales due to expired goods or missed opportunities.

Customer Service

Customer service is everything. You may have a lot of traffic going to your website or a great product, but if you have poor customer service, it will cost you customers and money in the long run. When choosing a courier company, do not be afraid to ask them about their customer service reputation (if possible, with feedback from other clients). Your courier company must have good customer service because, without it, you can lose out on business opportunities and sales. 

If someone has a delivery issue, they are more likely to choose another vendor over you if they have encountered similar issues before. The courier company you choose should value customer satisfaction and will do everything in their power to ensure it. Customer service will become essential when you begin receiving complaints or concerns from your customers about the delivery of your products. The best courier companies will do everything to resolve these problems as quickly as possible and take full responsibility for any errors on their end.  

Product Protection

Every business needs to have a plan in place should the unthinkable happen. Sure, you may be selling an all-natural product, but natural disasters still occur, and accidents do happen. To keep your company running smoothly, it is wise to consider the protection measures a courier company can provide to help mitigate these risks—before something happens. An experienced courier company can offer these protections on both national and international levels. 

So before signing on with any courier service, make sure they can handle your product’s unique requirements: how will they protect them from the weather? What are their procedures if there is a breakage or loss? What kind of security is provided? How will they communicate that information to you? These questions and more should be addressed before choosing a courier. 

Tracking of Products

A courier company that cannot provide you with the ability to track your products is not a good choice for your business. For example, let’s say that you are shipping 100 items to another place, and the courier does not provide tracking. You will have no way of knowing if the package arrived at its destination. This can be very risky for your business. Suppose a customer orders an item, and it never arrives. In that case, they could leave negative reviews online about your company, resulting in lost business from the loss of sales from future customers who read their reviews and decide not to order from you because of those bad reviews. 

Choose a courier company that provides accurate tracking information to avoid these problems. The best ones offer real-time updates, so you know exactly where your product is at all times. Not only will customers appreciate being able to check on their packages themselves using these apps or websites, but it also makes it easier for you as well.


Choosing a suitable courier can be the difference between winning new customers and losing them to your competitors. Delivering your CBD products within a set time is the key to customer satisfaction, but it can also be easy to overlook the basics. A great CBD courier makes it easy to choose the right one for your business. Courier companies can help deliver items faster, more accessible, and more cost-effectively. 

When looking at different courier services, consider: Speed of delivery: What are typical turnaround times? How does that compare with other options? For some businesses, timeliness is more important than price; for others, speed isn’t as crucial as getting every package there on time and intact. If timeliness matters most to you, go with fast service. If having packages arrive intact matters most, consider using an overpack service. Delivery guarantee: Some couriers provide insurance against damage or loss during transit. Does that matter to you? Or would having additional liability coverage against theft by drivers appeal to you? When choosing a courier, plan, so you know what will work best for your business and its needs.

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