Getting into cycling: all you should know to enjoy this pastime to the max

Few other activities offer all the benefits of cycling. Riding a bicycle isn’t only a great workout, with the average person burning up to 400 calories after cycling for one hour. It is also a great way to enjoy sights close and far from home in a way you just couldn’t replicate when confined to the inside of a car. Your posture and coordination are also improved, as you need proper balance when riding a bike. If you’ve just recently become a biking enthusiast, you are probably looking for ways to enhance your cycling experiences. Keep reading the following to find some suggestions on how you can enjoy your new hobby to the max. 

Find the best routes

One of the key advantages of cycling is that it helps you see a lot of beautiful spots while providing you with a workout simultaneously. If plain walking seems tedious to you, but you still want to get in that exercise, then hopping on a bicycle is ideal. However, the best way to enjoy this two-wheeled delight is to do your research and find the best routes you can take. If you’re biking in the same places daily, you’ll quickly become bored and maybe even consider giving up on pedalling for good. 

For example, if you’re in Yorkshire, then you probably already know that the Dales are an ideal biking course. The route is tough, so you’ll feel like you’re putting in the work all the way through, but the views are spectacular, and the wild remoteness of the countryside will put you in a great, calming mood. Another great option is the surroundings of the Coverdale Abbey in North Yorkshire, which takes you up and down winding paths, as well as by River Cover. And if you’re looking for a route taking you from one stunning spot to another, you can give the road from Sedbergh to the village of Dent a try. Spanning roughly 19 miles, you’ll be biking through picturesque hamlets and quaint bridges. A word of warning, though, be careful with the weather before setting off, as it can be fickle, and a downpour is the last thing you’d need. Also, be mindful that Dent experiences a significant influx of tourists during the spring and winter months, so if you’re looking for a quiet getaway, begin your journey early in the morning to avoid the crowds as much as possible. 

Protect yourself well

It might seem like a bit of a downer to start this topic, but safety is essential when you take on cycling. The most important aspect is to wear a helmet, which can significantly reduce the risk of severe injuries. In some instances, it can even make the difference between life and death. It’s also vital that you check your bicycle before getting on it. Ensure that your tires are well inflated, and see that the chains and gears are in proper order and not loosened or torn. You should also inspect the reflectors and lights. When you’re on the bike, don’t let yourself be distracted, keep your eyes trained on the road, and make your hand signs obvious and clear to avoid collision with drivers. 

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Make it social 

While the occasional solo bicycle ride can be an entirely relaxing, meditative experience, it’s always a good idea to share your hobbies with people who are passionate about the same things as well. If you’ve got friends who are sworn cyclists, you can involve them in your pedalling routine as well. Conversely, if you’ve got buddies that are still on the fence about whether or not they should take up biking, you can convince them to give it a try. Since it is a rather energy-intensive hobby, you may require some motivation every now and then to get out of the house and on the bicycle. Your friends can be your staunchest motivators, and you can return the favour when they’re not feeling particularly up to the task themselves. 

If you’re looking to connect with new people sharing the same favourite activity, you can always join a cycling club. When you enter a group based on a common interest you share, you can learn new tips and tricks from people who have been practising it for longer, such as what are the best routes to try, what are the best precautions you can take, and what are the newest hacks when it comes to taking care of your bicycle. 

Develop other hobbies

Cycling is a versatile leisure activity that lends itself well to helping you pursue other hobbies. For instance, if you’ve been fostering a growing love for photography, you can reach the best locations for that more easily on your bike. If you’ve set your mind on visiting a lot of museums and art galleries over the summer, you can check them off your list more easily when you’re riding a bike. And if you’ve been thinking about getting into painting, your two-wheeled companion will take you to the best sites to get yourself filled with inspiration. 

If you’ve started cycling, keep it up. It’s an all-around impressive hobby to have, and it provides you with so many benefits.

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