Here’s how to host the perfect BBQ

BBQs are a great way to enjoy a delicious meal in good company and make the most out of the warm weather with outside dining. If you’ve got a keen chef who’s willing to cook, you can also enjoy your grilled meals indoors when it starts to get cooler.

Whether you’re hosting for family or friends, check out this guide with useful tips and suggestions for how you can organise the perfect BBQ and impress your guests. For new tools and essential supplies to help you grill to perfection, check out this Coals2u discount code to get an amazing deal with your online purchases. 

  • Food and Drink

The amount of food and drink you need to prepare obviously depends on the number of guests you’re expecting. It’s always better to have too much to avoid running out of supplies, and leftovers can always be eaten later or the next day. Make sure you stock up on a range of different items to suit everyone and consider if any of your guests have food allergies or follow a particular diet. With drinks, try to offer a selection of alcohol and soft drinks to keep eveyone happy.

  • Starters and Appetisers

Sometimes, it can take a bit longer than expected to start up the fire and get your food grilled. Keep your guests content with a selection of appetisers that they can enjoy while they wait. Simple things like salads, finger food, and crisps and nuts are ideal with a drink before the main meal and you can get them ready the day before or in the morning before your guests arrive to save on time. 

  • BBQ Tools and Equipment

Using the right tools is essential for any job, and cooking on a BBQ is no exception. The most important items you need to have ready include a large spatula and pair of tongs, a grill brush, and a grill fork. It’s also a good idea to use a meat thermometer to avoid serving anything undercooked. Make sure you’ve also stocked up on coal and any other items you may need to get the fire started. Even if you consider yourself an expert, don’t forget to use an oven glove while cooking and serving your grilled food. If you want to save on washing up you can also use compostable or eco-friendly paper plates, cups, food trays and sustainable cutlery. Some of these items can be washed and reused while others can be recycled. 

  • Set up the day before

There are lots of preparations that you can start the day before your BBQ, so you can limit the number of tasks you have to do on the actual day and have more time to socialise and enjoy yourself. You can make sure the grill is cleaned, check that your garden furniture is clean and organised so that there is enough seating for everyone, and you can also get all your shopping done in advance. These preparations are particularly useful if you’re expecting lots of people, and they will help you let everything run smoothly.

  • Check the weather

Even during the summer months, we all know just how unpredictable the British weather can be so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the forecast in the days leading up to your planned BBQ. This means that if the weather is expected to be cold or wet, you’ll have time to let your guests know in advance if there’s a possibility that you need to reschedule.  Make sure you check a reliable source like the BBC weather forecast website to find out what happening in your area. 

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