How to childproof your home

Children are curious by nature. When it comes to exploring, the old adage “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” couldn’t be more accurate. Unfortunately, the average UK home is brimming with hazards that could cause serious harm to your child. There are sharp objects, poisons to be ingested, stairs to fall down and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Thankfully, with a little forward thinking, many child-related accidents can be prevented. From installing safety locks on cupboards and windows to fitting safety gates to their bedroom door, there are plenty of child-proofing solutions to make your home a safer place for your little one. 

Here, we explore how to childproof your home. 


The kitchen is full of dangers that pose a serious risk to a young child. Hot elements or cooking food can cause scalding, while sharp objects such as kitchen knives and blender attachments could result in a serious wound. 

Attaching a safety gate to the door of your kitchen will prevent your little one from gaining access. However, it would also be wise to ensure all cupboards are fitted with safety locks. Keep plates and pans out of reach, so there’s no risk of a falling object hurting your child. Remember to take some time to look at your finances throughout the process of childproofing your kitchen. 


Babies and toddlers have much more sensitive skin than adults, so their risk of burning from hot water is much higher. Investing in a specially designed baby bath will make it easier to control the temperature of the water and prevent any scalding accidents. A baby bath will also help with managing the depth of the water, reducing the risk of drowning. 

Many people store cleaning products in the bathroom. However, the chemicals in these products are extremely dangerous and could cause serious illness or even death if a child ingests them. Keeping cleaning products and harsh chemicals out of reach will help keep your bathroom safe for your child. 

Bathroom surfaces tend to be slippery when wet, causing a hazard. Placing a non-slip mat inside the bath or shower and on the bathroom floor will prevent your child from slipping and suffering an injury. 


Once a toddler has transitioned from a cot to a bed, they will be more at risk of taking a tumble. Installing safety railings around their bed will prevent your child from falling out, giving you peace of mind at night. 

Install a childproof gate on your child’s bedroom door and add safety locks to their windows. Once your child is old enough to walk, they’re likely to want to explore the house or the area outside and there are many risks that could cause them serious injury, such as a flight of stairs. 

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