How to Help a GamStop Gambling Addict

Anyone can become a gambling addict, but some factors make some individuals more susceptible. Contrary to what most people think, gambling addiction doesn’t mean weakness or a character flaw. It is, actually, a chronic disorder that bears no relation to age or social standing. A compulsive GamStop gambler starts to gamble occasionally without becoming dependent but gambling is classified as an addiction when it causes financial, relationship, and professional problems. 

Similar to individuals dependent on drugs, compulsive gambling interferes with a person’s daily life leading to different feelings, including shame, anxiety, guilt, solitude, and depression. Although it may seem powerless to quit gambling, addiction can be treated successfully if there is a significant effort from people with a gambling addiction and their loved ones.

For Family and Friends

Help your friend to use GamStop self-exclusion

Gamstop is a popular self-exclusion scheme that has offered its service since 2018. This tool has become compulsory in the British gambling industry, from which every licensed gambling operator must acquire it by encouraging the players to register at this self-ban programme. 

If your friend has never heard about GamStop, you should help him/her to sign up at this national self-exclusion. The advantage of this self-exclusion is that you will not be able to cancel or remove GamStop as says. Once the registration is confirmed, he/she has to choose the websites that he/she wants to avoid as well as the period of time to be prohibited which can be 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years. Your friend won’t have access to the gambling platform of his/her choice until the period of time has elapsed.

Understand the reasons for the addiction

Different reasons push people to gamble, so when looking to help individuals who struggle with gambling addiction, it’s essential to understand what factors make them come to this stage. As all habits are complicated, you can’t fix something you don’t understand, so take time to identify how they got there. Several possible factors can lead to compulsive gambling, and the common cause is the quest for the thrill that can usually become a severe issue. 

Others choose to gamble to mitigate emotional troubles due to different issues such as a family break-up, divorce, loneliness, job loss, and more. People who have a substance abuse problem are more likely to gamble, which causes further disastrous effects. Gambling is also an option for some individuals to solve their financial difficulties, leading to significant losses.

Look into possibilities for treatment.

The compulsive gambling problem affects the family members and friends because it can lead to the breakdown due to financial difficulties or different strong feelings. So, to help people who suffer from gambling addiction, Yorkshire Press recommends discussing the impacts of the dependence on the players and families. Prepare strong arguments to convince the inveterate gamblers if they get angry or defensive. They may deny the gambling problems they are facing, so this may not be easy. 

An important point to consider is avoiding judgment and blame even you feel angry or frustrated. Learn about pathological gambling and search for a reputable treatment and support for problem gambling. Help them understand that you care and are always there to deal with the problem. Avoid giving money, and don’t feel guilty if you refuse their requests because instead of helping them change, you actually push them to gamble if you provide them with money.

For compulsive gamblers

Admit that you are an addicted gambler and need help and support

The first step before going on treatment is to accept that you have a problem with compulsive gambling that has changed your life. Though it is difficult to be disclosed, being honest and recognising the emotional pain caused by gambling that has ruined your life is important. 

You can disclose if you’ve turned to theft or loan, you can disclose that you need support and treatment to overcome your addiction. Think about your family and surroundings worries and disappointment, and persuade yourself to seek for counsellor or therapist.

Find help on treating your addiction

Gambling addiction is a treatable disorder that can happen to any player who gets hooked on gambling. Find a treatment centre or join the gambling addiction treatment to support and help you to quit this harmful diversion. 

They can contact the independent gambling charities as these organisms are bundled with the treatment packages including support and education. In fact, the treatment for problem gambling usually comes with counselling, support groups, and education. The medications to curb feelings of helplessness such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, and more should also be prescribed.

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