How to Host an Awesome Casino Game Night

The classiness of the casino doesn’t just have to be limited to a specific venue. With a bit of forethought and planning, you can bring this magic to your living room, and have an amazing game night full of gambling fun for everyone.

To get you started in your preparations, here are the main things you’ll have to consider when you’re tasked with hosting.

Having a dress code helps to set the mood

While most modern casinos are pretty relaxed in terms of dress code, for your own game night it’s a good idea to ask guests to dress in eveningwear. Dresses and tuxedos will make you feel like you’re in a James Bond movie, and plenty of people will appreciate being given an excuse to dust off their best duds.

Jazzing up the room is advisable

It’s no good having a group of classily dressed guests crammed into an unchanged domestic space, so rethink the decor where possible to further emulate the casino experience.

Cover flat surfaces with green cloths to replicate the baize of the table games, make sure the lighting is set low to add to the ambience, and even consider adding a neon sign to the scene to evoke Las Vegas itself.

Laying on drinks & snacks will keep everyone happy

Casinos rarely let guests get hungry or thirsty, and the same should apply to your game night. Rustle up some great cocktail recipes and prepare batches in advance to keep refrigerated so you’re not taken away from the tables for too long.

You can also either ask guests to bring snacks with them, or provide these yourself. Again, Las Vegas can be your inspiration, in which case American foods will work well.

Getting to know the games you’ll play is wise

If you’re not a gambling aficionado, you should drop by the best UK online casinos before you host your own game night. That way, you’ll have the chance to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of any games you intend to play with your guests.

Game choice is obviously relevant in this context. Having table games that are easy for anyone to pick up even if they’re a novice, like blackjack, is sensible. Playing poker is also an option, although it helps if everyone is of an equal experience level, otherwise face-offs will be mismatched.

For casual gambling fun, it’s not a bad idea to set up some smartphones or tablets which have online casino apps installed on them. Guests who aren’t interested in table games can therefore feel part of the action just by spinning the reels.

Buy playing cards and poker chips

Whether you’re playing for a cash pot or just for fun, you’ll need playing cards and chips which can represent the stake that each player puts in when the night begins.

If you already know someone in the group who has access to this equipment, ask to borrow it rather than buying your own. It’s better to test the water with a game night like this, rather than going all-in.

Don’t forget about the tunes!

Last of all, remember that having music playing in the background is sensible in any party scenario, and definitely applies for casino game nights.

You could always come up with a playlist on your own, but this is always time-consuming. Instead, search for pre-made casino playlists on your streaming platform of choice, or just pop on the greatest hits of big band artists and the Rat Pack, as these are guaranteed to get everyone feeling like they’re in a swinging Vegas casino in the middle of the 20th century.

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