How to Increase Your Property Value

When it comes to interior design, we all have our own personal preferences, however, did you know that certain styles can actually affect how quickly your home sells and how much a buyer is prepared to offer for it?

Fitted furniture specialists Hammonds discovered that finding somewhere with an interior style that matches our own is a priority for 40% of Brits. They also found that interior style is more important to men than women when looking to buy a home, with almost half (46%) of men deeming it to be an important house hunting element, compared to just 36% of women.

Here are some of the styles to incorporate (or avoid) if you’re looking to increase the value of your property or sell your home.


Farmhouse-style interior décor has seen a surge in popularity recently, with the hashtag #farmhousedecor receiving 260.9 million views on the video-sharing platform TikTok and searches for the style increasing by 90% in the last three months. Farmhouse is also the most valued interior style by UK women, with those surveyed offering an average of £4.2k above a property’s asking price.

To emulate farmhouse style in your home, choose neutral colour palettes and natural wood accents to create a classical, natural feel and increase the comfort and practicality of your space. Opt for fitted wardrobes in a wooden effect and utilise natural materials for your soft furnishings and room accessories, such as wicker storage baskets or a jute rug.


Boasting clean lines and neutral colours, minimalism allows homeowners to have a clear and clean space rather than having clutter and excessive belongings. On TikTok, #minimalism is the most popular interior style. with the hashtag boasting 327.5 million views and more than one in ten (11%) of home-buyers surveyed claimed they would offer up to £5k above the asking price for a minimalist home. This style is particularly popular with Gen Z buyers, as 12% of 18–24-year-olds said they would offer up to £10k over the asking price for a property decorated in a minimalist style.

Incorporate minimalist trends in your home by paring back furniture to just the essential pieces and choosing quality over quantity when it comes to decor and accents. If you can’t bear to get rid of sentimental items, simply move them into storage and rotate them around periodically, rather than having everything on display. Floors, walls and surfaces should be as clear as possible, allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home without needing to mentally de-clutter all your belongings first!

What to avoid

Despite recent trends for bold, expressive interiors, the data suggests that maximalism can make it harder for potential buyers to see themselves in your home. Too many personal items, family photos and loud colours can make it difficult for a buyer to imagine putting their own stamp on a property and nearly a third (32%) of house hunters said they would offer below the asking price for a house decorated in a maximalist style.

Similarly, bohemian and art deco interiors were also considered less appealing with 31% of Brits surveyed claiming they would want to pay less for these styles. Despite online searches for mid-century modern design homes increasing 22% in recent months, buyers are seemingly yet to catch on to this trend, with 31% of Brits saying they would offer below the asking price for a property decorated in mid-century style.

If your home is decorated in one of these less popular styles and you’re planning to put it on the market, don’t panic but be prepared to make some changes before you open your front door for viewings. A simple lick of neutral paint and putting some of your personal belongings in storage can sometimes be enough to tone down your personal style and help would-be buyers see the appeal of your home.

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