How to Promote Your Business Opening Online and Offline

When you open your business, you want to make a fast start. Launching the business is a cause for celebration in itself, but you can enjoy practical benefits and promotional opportunities too. By making strong sales early on, you can boost your cash flow before quickly reinvesting this to grow the business. Meanwhile, by building the hype early on, you’ll attract and retain new customers. Below, we explore the best ways to promote the opening of your business online and offline.


A flyer campaign in the week leading up to your opening can be an excellent way of engaging with potential customers offline. Just ensure that you get high-quality flyers printed complete with an eye-catching logo, mission statement, and pictures. From there, it’s just a matter of handing them out in places where your potential customers might be.


Another way to become more visible online and offline is through the press. Invite some local journalists down to the opening so that they can provide coverage for their paper and website. Good relationships with the press are essential for securing good stories in the future too. 


Influencers are an excellent way of boosting your online visibility, especially among the youngest generations. The key is to find some local influencers on a platform like Instagram. From there you can contact them and hire them to carry out adverts on social media, plus they could even visit your store to show their audience.

Facebook event

A Facebook event is an excellent way of ensuring a good crowd arrives for your business opening. Create a welcoming event on Facebook and invite contacts, potential customers, and friends and families to enjoy the opening. The bigger it looks online, the better your audience will be in person. 

Social media previews

A large social media presence can help you spread the word about your business. Ideally, you’ll focus on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On social media, you should be regularly tweeting and engaging with the communities that might use your business. One way to do this is by posting previews of your opening with savvy pictures and videos of your products and services. 

Opening a business is an exciting moment. But even the best business idea will struggle without an audience. By promoting your opening online and offline, though, you can ensure your business opening will be an exciting success. 

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