Management Tools & Techniques That Get Results

What methods do modern managers use to get the most out of the resources under their control? The majority of supervisory personnel and mid-level corporate officers use just one, maybe two techniques as sort of all-purpose approaches to motivate employees, reach department goals, and encourage their team members to complete tasks on time. But they could be leveraging the power of a wider range of tactics, like MBO (management-by-objectives), targeted delegation, total team systems, and others. 

In the transport industry, fleet supervisors rely on multiple tools for getting shipments out on time and to destinations before or at deadlines. In other business settings, leaders use quality control strategies like random project reviews to monitor the overall level of performance from designated employees on a regular basis. Here are more details about a few managerial concepts and methods just about any business owner or leader can use to meet specific goals.

Telematics for Vehicle Fleets

Telematics technology has become the top solution for managers of transport fleets. Professionals in companies of all sizes are utilizing telematics to solve a wide range of fleet management challenges like:

  • Pinpointing vehicle location at any time during a trip
  • Relaying pertinent information about driver behavior directly from the cab to a supervisor hundreds of miles away
  • Conveying important data about engine diagnostics that include performance parameters as well as statistics like fuel levels and engine temperature
  • Placing relevant information into software systems so that it can be displayed in chart form on a supervisor’s screen and appropriately analyzed

One reason for the worldwide popularity of telematics in transportation companies is that the systems combine the best of IT (information technology) and telecommunications and has gained adherents due to the many global networks available for use by businesses of all kinds.

Targeted Delegation

Targeted delegation has been around for decades but is just now making a splash as a preferred managerial technique for team-oriented companies, like some of the major tech and financial firms. Even in the best work from home jobs, the crux of the concept is that a leader chooses several major tasks to hand over to other individuals or entire teams, with the understanding that there will be close monitoring of progress via benchmarks.

MBO: Management by Objectives

MBO fell out of favor in the late 1980s but is entering a new era of popularity in the digital age. The core elements of the process include lengthy interviews with employees so management personnel can set precise objectives and timetables for achievement. In its earliest iteration, MBO fell short because it was hard to track the results of multiple individuals within larger corporate frameworks. However, computer-aided tracking makes MBO a much simpler technique and allows supervisors to follow the progress of any number of employees much more easily.

Random Project Reviews

Also called QC (quality control), random project review is a direct, simple way to assess worker performance, and in some cases identify any symptoms of stress, particularly in large organizations. Managers choose one finished project and analyze its results quite closely. The aim is to develop a report that measures the employee’s abilities and skills based on a slice of his or her performance on that one project.

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