Middlesbrough and Bradford make list of best places to sell a house

Middlesbrough and Bradford are two of the best places to sell a house, according to new data from Home.co.uk and Quick Move Now.

The ‘top ten’ list, which is based on how long properties in the area typically sit on the market, puts Middlesbrough in joint sixth position and Bradford at number seven.

Northampton makes the top of the list, with typical time on market of just 25 days, whilst Strand in London claims the accolade of ‘worst place to sell a house’, with properties typically spending 210 days on the market.

Best places to sell a property:

PositionLocationTypical time on market
1Northampton25 days
2Bristol26 days
3Nottingham32 days
4Romford34 days
5Stockton On Tees36 days
6Middlesbrough 38 days
6Stockport38 days
6Norwich38 days
7Bradford 39 days
7Coventry39 days

Worst places to sell a property:

PositionLocationTypical time on market
1Strand210 days
2Soho198 days
3Charing Cross195.5 days
4Knightsbridge194.5 days
5Holborn193 days

Mayfair185 days
6Belgravia185 days
6Marylebone185 days
7Bloomsbury179 days
8Westminster177.5 days

Danny Luke from Quick Move Now commented: “There has been much in the news over the last year about the shortage of properties coming to the market. As a result of that shortage, properties that do become available are greatly in demand and sell quickly. The property market in Yorkshire is exceptionally strong, with both Middlesbrough and Bradford featuring in the top ten list. 

“Properties in Middlesbrough typically spend just 38 days on the market, whilst those in Bradford sit on the market just a day longer. If you’re in either Bradford or Middlesbrough and have a property that you’re considering selling, now is a great time to do it.”

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