Online Casino Slots For Your Perfect Weekend

Even when the only way to access slots was by frequenting a physical casino, these games were still a hit. After all, they are easy to play regardless of one’s casino expertise. You do not really need a strategy to play or win these games – some people succeed in their first spin and hit the jackpot! Other than that, they come in many options, especially when you use a UK casinos list where the games vary considerably. So, you can play one game after the other, sometimes even on different tabs, to keep things fun. If you’re looking for a way to destress and make money this weekend, we have some options for you:

Which Slots Can You Play?

The sheer variety of slots can leave you feeling overwhelmed. What should you play, and what can you save for another day? We want to make this easier by listing some of the most popular and lucrative slots you can find on pretty much any reputable site. What are they?

  1. Sweet Bonanza

Are you after a game with classic gameplay? This game will interest you. Like many classic games, it features fruits. But before you dismiss it as one of the many other fruit-matching games online, see what it has to offer:

  • A gameplay twist: The game not only has free spins but also boasts sugar bombs, which you can use to boost your spins. So, you can multiply your spin with anything from 2* to 100*!
  • Low buy-ins: Like most games, you can start playing with as low as £2.50 and earn yourself a double chance to win! You also can buy features that can enhance your winning chances.

There are so many opportunities lying in wait for anyone who chooses to make a spin. And if you want technology to play your part, you can choose the auto-play option, set your wager, and cross your fingers.

  1. Razor Shark

Let’s take our gaming underwater with this game. Not only will you enjoy exploring the undersea, but you will also get to revel in a game that has:

  • No maximum win: Oh yes, such games exist! This game is so volatile that you can never know what kind of win you will take home. But how does this work? If seaweed lands on the reels, the mystery stacks feature takes control and can multiply your bet by 1* or even 2,500*. Assuming you had wagered £10.00 and landed a 2,500* multiplier, you would walk away with £25,000! But that’s not where the fun ends. Besides these multiplier coins, you can also get an additional multiplier. Suppose you land on an *8 multiplier coupled with the 2,500* coin on a £10.00 wager; how much would you earn? 
  • High quality: The graphics in this game are also quite exciting and realistic. It feels like you are exploring the sea while taking your chances with what could be a fortune.

Are you ready to play around with volatility? This game could be the one that gets your heart pumping – all you need is to be patient for that seaweed to get to the reels.

  1. Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead

The Book of Dead part may make you scared, but this game is not as scary as it sounds. There is a reason why it has lasted the test of time, despite having been introduced ages ago. Why is it such a hit?

  • Simplicity: It does not have a complex structure. Thus, understanding the rules comes easy to all players. 
  • Interactive design: It makes you want to keep playing regardless of how well you do. After all, what’s the point of playing a game if you won’t fully immerse yourself in it?
  • Lucrativeness: As much as people enjoy slots, they also want to win. And in this game, you can take home up to 5,000* your wager. How does that sound?

It’s not hard to see why many people look for sites that offer this classic game.

  1. The Dog House

This exciting game not only has an attractive interface but also several variations. So, you can choose the one you like the most and run with it. What can you expect from a game with such an interesting name?

  • Loads of paylines: If you want to make money from slots, your best bet lies in finding a game with a high RTP and an extensive range of paylines. And you cannot go wrong with this game which features 64 to 117,649 lines! Yes, you read that right – your chances of winning are that high!
  • Simple gameplay: You would think that the high number of paylines would pave the way for a complex game, but that is not the case. All you need to do is match three dog paws, and you will earn your way to the free spins. You also get bonuses with random multipliers that push you closer to a win.

If you are yet to experience an adrenaline rush from playing slots, this could be the game you need to try.

Should you employ strategies to win slots? Strategies often work with games of skill such as blackjack. But when playing slots (which depend on luck), it is best to go with the flow and hope for the best. However, you can use progressive systems to help you manage your money better. These guide you on when to increase or decrease your wagers but will not help you win per se. So, use them with this in mind to avoid relying on them for a win. Also, ease into the game and relax; playing slots is an excellent way to unwind – so let go of all the worry and enjoy the gameplay.

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