SEO Strategy For Yorkshire-Based Companies

Yorkshire has always been a place where a hard-working person can make a good living. As a business, you’ll already know the importance of good old-fashioned hard work. However living in a decidedly modern age, where the internet has more bearing than ever on how your business performs, sometimes that hard work isn’t enough. Having a proper strategy for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is super important to ensure that your online presence doesn’t drag down your offline reputation. We’ve got some helpful tips that are easy to implement and will make a big difference to how your business performs online.

Work With Your Neighbours

If you’re lucky enough to have a high street presence then you’ll already know just how wonderful it is getting to know your neighbours. Whether it’s chatting about new openings, watching each other’s shops for a couple of minutes, talking over your pricing strategies, or any advice like that, it’s wonderful knowing your neighbours well. Even if your business operates mainly in the online sphere it can pay to get to know your neighbours too. It’s no secret that when everybody pools their resources together they become much more and this is a great strategy for giving your business a little boost. See if you can work together with a handful of your competitors and come up with an advertisement. For example, someone who owned a jewellery shop might team up with a knitwear designer and an interior stylist to create a stunning product photoshoot. With their beautiful photos, they could then split the cost of some prime position advertising. This would help them to be noticed by far more customers than they could possibly be on their own, whilst splitting the cost three ways. This technique can work for all businesses, yours might just look a little different. You could do a combined money-off voucher when a customer stops at both stores, or you could even introduce a voucher scheme that works for all shops on a certain street.

Location, Location, Location

Making your location a key part of your marketing strategy is always a good idea in the online sphere. Any business will have more success being the best of their kind in Yorkshire, rather than the best of their kind in the world. So, it stands to reason that including your location as a key part of your SEO will generate better results. The same is true the world over, for example, Arabian Betting review hundreds of casinos that are available to players in the Arabic world and this is reflected in their SEO strategy. Everything is related specifically to Arabian countries, from the games available to the currency people want to deposit and withdraw in. This means that instead of competing with review sites from all over the world, they’re narrowing down the competition to just the Arabic world, helping them to appear higher up the search rankings. Apply the same kind of idea to your Yorkshire-based business and be thankful that compared to the entire Arabic world, Yorkshire is really pretty small!

Become a Guest Blogger

Use your writing skills to improve your SEO

If you’re gifted with words then you’ve got a huge head start when it comes to SEO. Creating compelling copy for your website should be part of your plan already. Making sure that people understand exactly what your business, your service and your products are all about is the name of the game when it comes to the text on your website. It should be unique, interesting to read and informative for your customers. With that out of the way, you might be wondering how exactly you’ll be using your writing skills further and the answer is for blogging. Blogging on your own site is important to solve problems for your customers, usually before they’ve even realised that they had them. Your own blog posts should shine a spotlight on your own products, gently encouraging people in the direction of the checkout. Blogging doesn’t have to stay on your own website though, there’s a lot to be gained from guest blogging. Approach your network of neighbours and suggest blogging for one another. Make sure that your guest blogs fit perfectly onto the website, matching the style and formatting seamlessly. Once you’re happy with your content, ensure that you include a link back to your own website. It should be an informative link, where the people clicking on it would expect to be directed to your website or similar. Never pop spammy links all over the place, search engine crawlers can spot them a mile off.

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