Simple ways to maintain productivity on a business trip

Maintaining productivity on a business trip can be difficult. Being away from the usual work environment and routine disrupts the way we think and work. But you must maintain productivity to ensure you succeed on your business trip and keep up with your usual work too. Of course, you have to adapt to the constraints of your trip – whether it be time zone differences, technology and communication challenges or schedule issues. Below we’ll explore some steps you can take to maintain your productivity while away on business.

Follow a familiar routine

One way to avoid falling into unproductive cycles on a business trip is to follow a familiar routine as you would back in the office or at home. There will be certain meetings and commitments you are focusing on during your trip, but try to schedule your time around these as effectively as possible. If you spend an hour answering emails in the morning, or reserve time for team calls in the afternoon – try to stick to these so you don’t fall too far outside of your usual routine.

Take time to switch off

It is all too easy to work through the day and night while away on business, but you should always reserve time to wind down and enjoy your surroundings. Working for too long can actually reduce your productivity overall, whereas shorter periods of focused work can do wonders for your brain and output. 

Establish a temporary workspace

If you’re going to work effectively while you are away, you need to have a temporary workstation set up to help you concentrate. Working in public spaces can be successful if you have no other options, but having a dedicated desk space while you are away is the ideal scenario. This could be in a co-working space or utilising facilities in your serviced apartment.

Take the right equipment

Staying productive on the move isn’t simple, but technology can make it a whole lot easier. Your work phone should keep you connected wherever you go, allowing you to answer emails, messages and calls. Whilst a work laptop should help you to complete any more involved or technical work that you need to do. In case you can’t find or don’t trust public networks, broadband dongle technology has come a long way in helping you stay online from even the most remote places.

These are just a few quick tips that should help you to maintain productivity while you are away on business. It can be natural to fall into irregular habits when you are in a new environment, but staying as consistent as possible will help you to stay on top of things.

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