Strong CBD Oil Not Working? 5 Reasons Why CBD Oil is Ineffective

CBD has the potential to aid relaxation and balance the body through better quality rest, alleviating discomfort and calming racing thoughts. However, knowing what type of extract you need will help you buy a high-quality CBD oil that works. 

As the cannabis market booms, there are many options and various kinds of cannabis oil to choose from, including CBD-infused drinks, CBD oil and gummies. In fact, due to the variety of sizes and strengths, many people find the product they bought on a whim doesn’t actually work for them. Instead of passing it off as another health craze, we’re here to highlight 5 common reasons why your CBD oil isn’t doing it for you and what to do next.

You Need to Find the Correct Dosage 

CBD is now a popular ingredient in various industries, meaning many retailers are trying to capitalise on the trend. If you don’t do your research, it’s easy to overpay for a low potency product. Moreover, those who spontaneously buy CBD from an unregulated retailer may get a very low strength supplement. While it’s recommended to start low and build up your dose, many people assume any CBD strength will be sufficient to see results. Generally, experts consider low strength oils to have up to 5% CBD, between 5% and 20% for a medium dosage, and anything above 20% has a high concentration. Depending on your wellness goals and body chemistry, you may need to work up to a high strength CBD tincture.

You Haven’t Bought From a Trusted Brand

Having a good quality CBD is paramount to seeing results and consuming a safe product; thus, buying from a reliable brand is the best way to find effective supplements. Alphagreen, a leading health and wellness marketplace, has sold natural supplements, like CBD, for years. It’s safe to say they are experts! Alphagreen suggests using the following bullet points to find reputable CBD brands:

  • Independent testing confirms the oil’s potency matches the label, and you’re getting the right amount of CBD for your money. 
  • Third-party lab reports are available to view from the independent tests. These verify the ingredients, their potency and ensure the contents are safe.
  • A transparent brand will be keen to educate you on all things CBD, such as their manufacturing and extraction processes, how-to articles, and outlining the potential benefits of CBD. This transparency is a sign of a trustworthy company.
  • Natural ingredients are important. The best quality CBD contains the most natural, organic composition and avoids the use of chemicals like herbicides and pesticides.

It’s Time to Try a Different Delivery System 

Perhaps you opted for CBD gummies as your first product – a tasty, easy to consume option. However, everyone responds to CBD differently, including different delivery methods. If you’ve only tried one type of CBD supplement, you may benefit from another delivery system, such as strong CBD oil, high strength CBD spray, or even CBD-infused capsules. The key is to find the right one for your body.

Lack of Commitment

While many people hope for instantaneous results, this is rarely the case with any supplement. Thus, a lack of commitment may be why you’re not experiencing any effects. Like most remedies, CBD needs time to take effect. Experts recommend taking CBD daily, so it can build up in your system and work to balance your internal environment. Typically, users may feel the relaxing effects within 20 minutes to an hour for most high strength CBD products. However, for long term wellness goals, it’s important to allow approximately 3 weeks for the body to adjust to the new compounds and for you to notice a difference.

It Simply Isn’t for You

So, you’ve read and tried the above steps, but still, CBD doesn’t work for you? In this case, it simply isn’t for you! After trying a few varieties, strengths and committed to daily consumption for a few weeks, you can probably assume CBD isn’t for you (and that’s ok!). There will never be one supplement that works perfectly for everyone because we all have different metabolism, biochemistry and genetics that affect how your body absorbs and reacts to CBD. Although, if you’re still struggling and want to address some wellness concerns, why not try some other natural supplements, such as ashwagandha, which may benefit people experiencing stress or anxiety symptoms.

Alphagreen is a renowned marketplace for CBD and natural remedies. With an easy to navigate website, advanced accessibility options, scientific articles, and an excellent customer care team, it’s easy to understand why so many people trust them with their wellbeing. Why not browse their range of alternative wellness solutions and discover which is best for you.

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