The bonus features of Treasure Mine

Eight reels and six rows of mining joy await you as soon as you click play on Treasure Mine, where you’re given the chance to spin the reels and unearth some hidden prize gems.

Whether you decide to play at Griffon Casino or another provider, there’s lots to dig up when you take the Treasure Mines for a spin. Helping you along the way are the four bonus features found deep down in the mines, which could help you unlock up to 1,172x your wager in prizes!

Let’s explore these bonus features some more.

Bonus Features

The bonus features within Treasure Mine can only be unlocked when the wilds appear on the reels as an oversized two-by-two tiles, rather than small singular tiles within a spin. When two different oversized wilds land on the reels, then and only then, will the bonus features unlock.

Which two large wilds land within the reels will determine which of the four bonus features you unlock:

  • Miner and Diamond

Landing the 2×2 versions of both the Miner and the Diamond within the same spin will awaken the Miner, who will jump out of his tile and over to the Diamond. When he reaches the Diamond, he’ll start digging away at it to unearth some cash prizes just for you.

  • Miner and Dragon

If it’s fiery flames you want to unleash within the reels at play, you’ll need to land an oversized tile of both the Miner and the Dragon. When you do, the Dragon will throw flames towards the Miner, who will jump out of his tile and across the reels to flee the flames. Whilst fleeing, and to make him run faster, he’ll drop wilds along the reels to lighten his load and help you create further potential matches.

  • Diamond and Dragon

Make the reels sparkle when you land oversized tiles of both the Diamond and the Dragon. When both are spun into play within the same spin, the Dragon will breathe its fiery breath over the Diamond. With the heat of the Dragon’s breath, the Diamond will splinter and drop wild diamonds all over the reels in random spots.

If this wasn’t enough, the Dragon, if up to it, could unleash its fiery power up to three times within the same bonus round, creating further Diamond wild splinters along the reels. In doing this, the reels will contain a glistering number of Diamonds along their rows, holding the potential to boost your bankroll.

  • Dragon, Diamond and Miner

If you’re lucky enough to spin all three wilds of the game into play as oversized tiles, the Dragon will begin the bonus feature by flame-throwing its breath onto the Diamond, causing it to splinter across the reels. 

Once the Diamond has stopped throwing splinters of itself over the reels, the Miner will come out to play by jumping over the Diamonds and digging them all up to reap the cash prizes hidden within. 

Once he has dug all the Diamonds, the Dragon will release another puff of fire, this time towards the Miner. Just like before, the Miner will run across the reels, fleeing the fire, and lighten his load by dropping more wilds randomly across the reels and rows at play, creating further potential prize combinations as he goes.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
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