Top 10 Places to Visit in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a part of the country with a huge amount to offer the average tourist. Moreover, because it’s fairly central, you’ll have little trouble getting there – wherever in the UK you might be coming from.

About Yorkshire

Yorkshire, specifically York, has been a crucial stronghold for both Roman and Viking invaders. It’s proven significant through the medieval period, right up to the Tudors and the modern day. It’s also a place with substantial appeal to tourists, having been deemed the third best region in the world by Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list.

So, if you’re visiting Yorkshire, which places might you set aside time for? Let’s take a look.


No visit to Yorkshire would be complete without a tour around York itself. It’s a city that’s replete with culture and history, much of which can be witnessed on foot.


While York might represent more than a thousand years of history, Doncaster is a little on the newer side. There are galleries, libraries, museums, and cinema complexes to enjoy, as well as the famous Yorkshire Wildlife Park. You can get London to Doncaster train tickets without spending much, provided that you’re willing to book in advance.

Gaping Gill

This enormous underground cavern is among the most spectacular sights in the country. You’ll find it just a short drive to the east of Lancaster. You’ll need to climb (or be winched) down, but the views at the bottom are worth it – especially when it’s been raining.

Ribblehead Viaduct

This enormous structure stretches across miles of rugged Yorkshire terrain. You can explore the entire thing if you’re willing to take a long walk in the country, and visit the Station Inn in Ribblehead once you’re done.


Whitby Abbey was among the inspiring forces behind Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Whitby is where much of the classic novel was set. But even if you’re not a fan of classic horror, this part of the country is well worth a visit.

Castle Howard

This vast country estate is a must-visit for fans of stately homes. You’ll find it nestled in the North Yorks Moor National Park.

Hardrow Force

If you’re looking to witness nature at its most spectacular, then a visit to Hardrow Force is obligatory. It’s the tallest single-drop waterfall in England and jaw-dropping on the days after heavy rain.


Malton is a quaint little town that’s bursting with independent shops and food producers. If you’re looking to stock a larder, a tour around the centre is essential.

Staithes Beck

For those looking for a day beside the sea, then Staithes makes a perfect stop. It’s a little on the small side but punches well above its weight when it comes to pub grub and sailing.


This little village boasts an exceptional high street, packed with independent stores. For best results, time your trip to coincide with the village’s annual 1940s festival.

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