Top 3 Most Successful Strategies In Football Betting

If you are placing one football bet after the other and still don’t feel like you are a successful punter, it’s time you switched up your game. And no, we are not talking about delving into strategies filled with patterns and symbols that barely make sense. Instead, it is all about a few changes anyone, beginner or expert, can make to propel their betting career.

Let’s start with the bonus one – change your bookie! We live in an age where bookies are available to take your wagers left, right, and center. You are no longer tied to the bookie who lives down your street. Instead, you can find the best football bookies from your mobile browser! But why should you even think of making such a move? It helps you exploit bonuses, promotions, and other rewards, which help you hedge your risk and lower your wager capital. Plus, it gives you access to better odds in some cases. So, if you are not getting the most out of your bookie, jump ship!

The 3 Strategies Every Football Punter Should Know

What strategies have you followed this far in your career? We have three that will take your wagers to the next level, and the good thing is that they are achievable regardless of your betting expertise:

  1. Learn the Game

Football is the most popular sport in the world. As a result, most punters start by wagering on this game, including those who do not understand how it works. Does this describe your approach to football? Your winning chances come down to how much you know about the game overall and the teams. Before you put money where your mouth is, always make sure you know:

  • How football matches work – the rules, the tournaments, etc.
  • The state of the teams that will play – are they in good form? What is their style of play? How motivated are they to win?
  • The history of the teams – have they played each other in the past, and what were the results? How long ago was their last match? How do they perform away and at home?

By the time you are backing a team, you should be sure that the odds are in its favor. Otherwise, you will likely lose the wager because you missed a glaring fact.

  1. Track Your Bets

Do you know how successful punters keep getting better? – They track their progress. Think about it. Let’s assume you want to lose weight in 3 months. You would likely track your calories and activity levels and change them to meet your goals. That is the same thing you should do with your football bets to know when you make mistakes and avoid making them in the future.

But how should you keep track of your bets? First, you start by setting a goal. After all, you must be clear about what you want to achieve. How much money do you want to make? What kind of winning percentage are you after? Knowing this helps you see if you are falling behind or are in line with your vision. Then follow up with the following record:

  1. Note down each bet you win and lose,
  2. Add the rationale behind each bet, i.e., what factors you used in predicting outcomes,
  3. Write down how much money you made or lost on each bet,
  4. Pen down the bookie you used, and
  5. Include the odds on each bet.

Think about everything that goes into your wagering process and write it down over a couple of weeks. You will soon realize a pattern. E.g., you may find that you are consistently placing bets based on odds rather than facts. And you may realize that this has kept you from winning more often, thus hampering your ability to hit your monthly profit.

You will keep uncovering some areas where you are falling short and fixing them. Please note that record-keeping is not a one-time thing but something you will need to keep doing for the entirety of your career. Treat your wagers like a business, and they will reward you similarly.

  1. Be Objective

Most punters have a team they support. You could even be a diehard fan who never changes gear no matter how bad the team performs. That is all well and good, and having loyalty always has its perks. But when it comes to betting, you must leave your bias at the door. The only way to win is by being impartial, even if it means betting against the team you have supported ever since you could talk.

Why? Bookies rely on punters to make rash or emotional decisions because this is how they make money. When you back a team because you like it instead of its winning chances, you will likely lose money. So, the options are pretty straightforward:

  • Bet based on facts – if your favorite team does not have the upper hand, do not bet on it,
  • Avoid gut feelings – hunches can help you in life, but they do not have a place in your bets. So, stop yourself if you want to back a team based on a hunch.

Better yet, do not place bets when you feel you’re not objective. You are better off holding the money and using it for another game than sinking it into a game where you will likely lose.

Here’s another strategy – be patient. While you may feel the need to jump in with a big bet straight away, resist the temptation to do so. Be gradual in your approach, keeping in mind that Rome was not built in a day. This saying might seem cliché, but it makes much sense in every aspect of life, including your football betting career.

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