Why MuchBetter is making waves in the e-wallet market

We currently live in the age of the e-wallet. The novelty of seeing somebody pay for their shopping using a smart device or transfer money in seconds from their online wallet service has worn off. However, there are still plenty of developers trying to improve the offering in the world of e-wallets and make things even more convenient for the user.

With a name like MuchBetter, the pressure is on for this e-wallet to deliver. Luckily, this is a convenient, safe, and secure service which is accepted in a lot of different places. It also makes it easy to transfer money and do things like split the bill with your friends. However, these features are not unique to this e-wallet, so why is MuchBetter making waves in the e-wallet market?

Where Can I Use MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is gaining a reputation for being a quick and trustworthy service to use for online services. For example, some of the safest online casinos will accept MuchBetter which is a testament to the security of the e-wallet. You can even use this e-wallet safely in conjunction with a physical prepaid card in conjunction with Mastercard. This means that anywhere Mastercard is accepted, you can use your MuchBetter wallet funds which saves you the hassle of having to use a debit or credit card issued by a bank.

With MuchBetter, you can head out for some food and drink and pay with your e-wallet, or even pay at some of the cashless car parks that are becoming more common around the country. The physical card has all of the contactless functionality that you would expect.

As well as having no fees to use the card to pay for items (cash withdrawals do have fees) you can also choose to freeze the card straight away using an app if you do happen to lose it or if it is stolen. On top of that, the app lets you preload money onto the account and choose from different ways to top up the card. It can be used abroad in a variety of different countries. MuchBetter security features include a dynamic CCV code (a world first, more on this below) and a touch ID system.

The Dynamic CCV

A CVV code is the three-digit number on the back of a Visa or Mastercard. CVVs are extremely important and need to be kept safe. With MuchBetter there is already a system in place to help keep your data safe. The three-digit CVV number is stored in the MuchBetter app and changes each time you need to use it. This means that even if your card details get stolen online, without access to your app and your data, the card cannot be used. 

This is one example of how the company has continued to innovate and makes waves in the market. MuchBetter also integrates with other huge services such as Google Pay, so you can add your card to this payment system on your Android device. 

MuchBetter for Gaming Accounts

MuchBetter’s security has made it popular for online gaming accounts and to deposit money for other online activities. Of course, it can also be used in many other ways, but people like it for gaming accounts as it allows you to transfer money using just your phone number. MuchBetter is accepted by a wide variety of merchants including casinos, poker, slots and sportsbooks. MuchBetter makes it very easy to quickly deposit money and start playing games online.

If you’re using the MuchBetter account for withdrawals too, keep in mind that it can take a little longer as may check the withdrawal and your ID documents to ensure that you are who you say you are. This is not something that can be controlled by MuchBetter and happens no matter which e-wallet service you use.

Further Innovations

MuchBetter continue to innovate and release new products. These include MuchBetter Gateway, which allows you to access a wide range of localized payment processors with a single API integration. This means that the user can control all of their payments on one simple platform. This is great for businesses and those wishing to have full control and advanced fraud protection tools, allowing them to protect their reputation and optimize their performance.

MuchBetter Cash is another new product recently launched by the company which allows you to convert cash to online currency. This a budget friendly innovation which allows you to purchase cash vouchers from physical stores and top up your digital wallet. You can make secure, free and instant transfers while also staying on top of how much you are spending. 

Summary – MuchBetter is Much Better for e-wallets

There are a lot of different choices when it comes to e-wallets, but the great security functions and convenient control via the app are big plus points for MuchBetter. It’s easy to move money around and for those of us who still like to have a physical debit card, we can do that via the Mastercard that is offered by the company. MuchBetter certainly has a lot of strong features, and if they continue to innovate they will keep impacting e-wallet market.

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