Yorkshire’s best locations to live and work

Whether you’re looking to relocate to Yorkshire, or you already live here but are thinking of moving to a different city, you are spoilt for choice! Yorkshire has plenty to offer in terms of fantastic places to live. But living isn’t the only thing Yorkshire is good for, three cities were placed in the top five cities to work in the UK, meaning you get the best of both worlds. Here are just some of the options to pick from:


Even if you aren’t too familiar with Yorkshire, you have likely heard about Leeds. Having gained a reputation as the cosmopolitan heart of Yorkshire, Leeds isn’t short of things to do. With vast shopping opportunities and an enviable nightlife scene, Leeds is the perfect choice if you’re looking for somewhere vibrant to live. You won’t be short of house options either, with plenty of new homes available, you’ll be sure to find somewhere that’s right for you. Leeds also came first in a study of the best places to work in the UK so it’s a win-win if you’re looking to relocate. 


Famous for its steel making, Sheffield is a lovely city if you are looking for more greenery. With easy and quick access to the Peak District, you won’t be lacking long country walks and villages to explore if you move to Sheffield. Don’t worry if this isn’t your thing, Sheffield also has a fantastic selection of independent shops, restaurants and bars. Luckily, steel making is not the only career opportunity here so no matter what field you work in, Sheffield should work for you. 


You may have visited York before, potentially for the Christmas markets, but there is more to it than delicious afternoon tea and mulled wine. Being voted the “Best Place to Live” by the Sunday Times in 2018, it is clear that York is loved by many. One of the pleasures of York is that simply wandering around the city centre, which is rich in history, makes for the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  Rightfully so, York is famous for its historical buildings, including York Minster, so living there you are sure to never get bored of exploring. 


When Hull is mentioned, lots of people think of visiting The Deep aquarium as a child. Whilst this is still a great day out, no matter how old you are, Hull also has lots more to offer. Winning ‘City of Culture’ in 2017, Hull was proud to show off that there is more to it than meets the eye. It has a rich history and has homed many famous philosophers, poets and novelists. Today, there is lots to do, including museums, art galleries and the marina. 


Small but mighty, Harrogate is perfect for exploring on foot. If you are looking for somewhere to live and work with lots to do but the feel of a smaller town then Harrogate could be the perfect fit for you. With low crime rates and great access routes to larger towns and cities, Harrogate is ideal for those looking for a more peaceful place to lay roots. Often described as timeless and charming, Harrogate is bound to keep you eager to explore no matter how long you live there.

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