Bradford Charity Appoint Local Paralympian, Ayaz Bhuta, as Brand Ambassador

Bradford-born Paralympian, Ayaz Bhuta, who won gold in wheelchair rugby at this year’s Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, has been selected as brand ambassador for the local food poverty charity, Charity Right.

Charity Right, who provide long term nutritious food support to school children, believe Bhuta will be a great advocate for their work in underdeveloped communities.

Sajad Mahmood, CEO of the food poverty charity, says ‘Our mission is to ensure all children have access to education, to a future, to hope – which can seem almost impossible in some regions of the world.’

‘Ayaz is a true inspiration for us all and he shares our vision of hope and courage. We truly cannot wait to begin our close partnership’, he adds.

Born with Roberts Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects growth in the arms and legs, Bhuta has faced adversity since he was born.

The extremely rare disorder has reportedly only affected 150 people to date[1], making the Paralympian a true inspiration. 

As part of his role, Bhuta will be working alongside Charity Right to promote their work in communities in need, across countries such as Ethiopia and Bangladesh.

He will also be joining the charity on a tour across UK schools, providing inspirational and motivational talks to the youth of today on personal challenges he’s faced, whilst also touching on his journey through the world of sport.

‘I’m excited to work with Charity Right inspiring schools around the UK and fundraising to help feed underdeveloped communities.’, adds Bhuta.

With roots in the Muslim faith, the charity hopes that the unique partnership can increase fundraising efforts throughout Ramadan between April and May 2022 in order to aid in feeding millions of malnourished people around the world.

‘With our new ambassador’s support and fundraising efforts, we hope 2022 will be a breakout year for donations throughout Ramadan. As food insecurity and malnutrition rates rise as a result of covid, climate change and conflict, the need for food support has never been so high in schools.’

Bhuta’s work for the charity is due to begin in November, with both parties enthusiastic to begin their partnership and make a huge difference. 

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