Bradford Charity to Launch New Donation Scheme to Tackle Food Poverty

As food insecurity continues to increase at a worrying rate in developing countries, Bradford based Charity Right, announced they are launching a new fundraising campaign. Food Fridays encourages donors to give small donations every Friday and will be significant for tackling food poverty globally.

Whilst larger, one off donations continue to be crucial for freeing communities from food poverty, the charity believes this fundraising campaign will encourage long term support from donors. The charity also hopes this scheme will help eliminate the possibility of donor fatigue.

Sajad Mahmood, CEO from Charity Right said, “The journey to eradicating world hunger is long, and requires continuous support from generous donors.

This new weekly direct debit donation scheme, will help to create a steady flow of monetary support, and provide nutritious meals to those in need around the world.”

The charity, which has already distributed over 40 million meals in 7 countries since launching in 2016, is confident this form of donating holds a multitude of benefits, not only for the communities in need, but also for donors themselves.

Mahmood continues, “As more people bank online, donating via direct debit offers flexibility for donors who are then able to change the amount they give quickly and easily through mobile banking applications. Every step of the donation journey offers clarity and ease.”

According to Clear Direct Debit, donations through this method are already a popular form of giving, with 30% of all charitable donations currently made through direct debit.

Charity Right also believe this scheme will make the donation process streamlined for charities, reducing administration costs, and helping with internal reporting procedures. 

Whilst the non-profit organisation welcomes donations from anyone who is financially able, they have chosen Friday as the core donation day, given its roots in the Muslim faith.

“Friday is known to be the most blessed day of the week in the Muslim faith, and we do have a high donor base within the Muslim community.

Our work helps a variety of communities in need around the world and we continue to encourage people from all walks of life and beliefs to donate to help tackle the issue of world hunger”, adds Mahmood.

The charity aims to launch their new fundraising campaign on the 24th of September, and you can see more on this initiative here

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