Join in an exciting photography project with Kate Abbey at Bradford Cathedral

Bradford Cathedral’s Photographer in Residence, Kate Abbey, is looking for a diverse range of participants to take part in a photography project at the Cathedral, to be exhibited this Summer.

Kate has been the Photographer in Residence at Bradford Cathedral since 2020, and throughout the pandemic has worked with members of the Cathedral community to create a series of photographs depicting faith.

Kate’s project has been through several changes due to the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns. What started as a project looking at the comings and goings of the Cathedral has turned into a more intimate and personal study of how individual people express their faith.

Kate says:

“I changed the initial approach due to lockdown restrictions, resulting in me going into the community to find the people rather than them coming to the Cathedral.

“Initially I was meeting people in gardens, on Zoom, and then eventually in their houses. I was photographing the congregation in their homes and the project then materialised into looking at people with faith in their environments. I would go and see them for an hour, whereby we’d discuss their faith, and then follow that by taking their portrait.

“The process creates an intimacy and trust with the ‘sitter’ which shows through in the images and the whole process is a very collaborative experience with both sitter and photographer deciding how the image will look.”

Kate is aiming to photograph a diverse group of people depicting different faiths within Bradford, all of the people from different backgrounds, ages, heritage and religions, and is eager to find more participants who would like to get involved and be part of this inclusive project.

The work will be on display in Bradford Cathedral during the summer, where it will be open to the public, during the usual Cathedral opening hours, free of charge.

For more information and to contact Kate Abbey please email: or you can visit Kate’s website at

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