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Oddfellows Hall Can Be Demolished Councillors Say

A 1840s pub in Shipley can be demolished after councillors hear of stolen floors and delapitated state.

Yesterday, Bradford Council approved plans to demolish Oddfellows Hall in Shipley. An effort to have the pub listed also failed to pass through Historic England as there is not enough of the original 1840s building remaining.

The pub dates back almost 180 years although has been empty since 2013, and has become a target of vandals.

Red Box Asset Management, the current owners began demolishing the building although were ordered to halt the work by Bradford Council. They failed to apply for planning permission, claiming they were unaware of the relevant legislatio.

Martyn Burke, senoior planning officer for Keighley and Shipley Area Planning Panel said: 

“The building has been boarded up and not used since 2013.

“The people of Shipley have access to a number of other pubs and bars in the town.

“The desire to demolish the pub is down to safety issues. There have been a umber of break ins over the period it has been vacant. Anything of value has been taken, including floor boards, beams and flagstones. The break ins are still going on. It is in a sorry state. The owners are worried they may be liable in terms of someone trespassing in the building and coming to harm.

“There seems to be a lack of any realistic prospect of the building being re-used.”

Ian Bond, an objector of the demolition argued: “Much of historic Shipley was lost in the 1950s through the 1970s. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past and lay waste to the town’s heritage.”

The panel voted to allow the demolition. The applicants have stated that the site will be used for housing.

Historic England also voted not to list the building, saying “Oddfellows Hall has, regrettably, undergone partial demolition in 2017 which has greatly reduced the level of survival. Externally, much of the original fenestration was replaced in the 20th Century whilst demolition works have also seen damage or loss of several windows, as well as the removal of stone tiles from the roof.

“The C20 brick-built extension at the rear is unsympathetic to the original materials and construction of the hall and detracts slightly from that elevation. Internally, the demolition losses are very substantial indeed. Almost all the fixtures and fittings have been removed; several partitions and internal walls have been demolished; as well as losses of panelling, floors and ceilings. The damage to the hall has been so substantial that it has compromised the legibility of its original plan form and function as an Oddfellows lodge, which until relatively recently appears to have been evident.”

What do you think about this decision, do you agree?

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