8 Strange UK Laws That Will Shock You

Have you lately broken any unusual UK rules by drinking too much in the bar, dressing up as a soldier at a fancy dress party, or singing the most famous song in the country in public?

Laws dating back to the 1300s are still in effect in the United Kingdom, and our legal system is the result of centuries of laws being written, altered, and reversed.

While it is a good idea to know the answer to the question: What is a county court judgement (CCJ), it is equally entertaining to know some weird laws that people still follow in the UK. 

Here are some of them:

Riding Public Transport with the Plague

In London, it is unlawful for someone (wilfully) infected with the plague to hail a taxi or attempt to board a bus. The legislation forbids anyone who knows they have a reportable sickness (including the plague) from boarding any type of public transportation (cabs) without first informing the driver.

Shaking a Rug

If you are a clean-freak, it may be worth knowing this strange rule that the British introduced in the 19th century. It has been illegal in London since 1839 to pound or rattle any mat or rug in the street. However, you are permitted to beat your carpet before 8 a.m. Ooh err…

Idling in the Middle Lane

With tower signs all across the UK now displaying the phrase “Stay left except in the case of overtaking,” it’s hard to understand how so many vehicles fail to do so on a continuous basis.

If you’re discovered idling in the middle lane excessively, you might face an instant fine and three penalties for reckless driving, the same consequence you’d face if you were speeding, snacking, or having a drink behind the steering.

“You must always drive on the left side when the route is clear,” the regulations state. If you are passing a group of slow-moving cars, revert to the left travel lane as you are safely passed.”

Riding a Cycle on the Pedestrian Precinct 

There is a law prohibiting cycling on the pavement, which may shock some people, but it is believed that the majority of people realize that their actions or behavior may violate a law even if they aren’t actively aware of a specific law/act that they are violating.

Security Alert!

What would be your response if a burglar entered your house? Of course, you would ring the alarm and inform the police. However, you ought to know one strange rule about setting off that security alarm.

It is against the law to trigger your security alarm without first designating a key holder who may turn it off in your absence. To stop the alarm, a key holder should be capable of responding within twenty minutes of being contacted.

Dressing up Like a Policeman

If you like to cosplay and dress up as other professions, you ought to know about this simple yet extraordinary rule that exists in the UK. Impersonating a police officer or a military is forbidden, even at costume parties or on Halloween. 

The false pretension of being a member of the military or the police is against the constitution. If you’re caught, you might face a jail term (if you’re at a costume party, make sure the officer in question isn’t simply your friend’s mother dressed up).

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Indulging in Road Rage

Instead of becoming overtaken by road rage, drivers are instructed to remain cool and continue driving. And, with a possible punishment of up to £1000 for cursing at other road users, the Criminal Justice Act 1998 spells out the penalties of disobeying this advice.

Instead, you might be stopped aside for not being in complete charge of your car, which is punishable by a fine and three penalties. 

Chanting Happy Birthday

Although being chanted by millions of people across the world, ‘Happy Birthday’ is technically protected by copyright if used for commercial reasons – which is why restaurant employees regularly sing another version just in case the soundtrack’s owners are listening.

Final Thoughts 

This list might have shocked and amused you at the same time. Rules and laws keep changing, and some of them are bizarre enough to make us wonder about the people who made them in the first place.

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