5 Inspirational Yorkshire Startups to Include in Your Coursework Case Studies

According to the recent report by Tech Nation and Adzuna,  organizations in Yorkshire raised approximately £159 million in investment in 2020. In fact, they’ve beaten the record level of £142 million set in 2018. Despite the world COVID-19 pandemic, businesses keep flourishing, opening numerous vacancies in Yorkshire. The top city in the region for jobs is Leeds, followed by Sheffield. Some of the top hiring companies in this area include SaaS provider Premier IT, Sanderson Weatherall and Crisp. However, there is also a big number of startups inviting young talents to their teams.

How to mention a startup in coursework correctly

If you are studying business-related fields in the UK, chances are your instructors will assign you coursework about British startups. In case you don’t have an in-depth understanding of how new businesses are launched in Great Britain, you should keep reading the article as it describes some of the most successful cases. Anyway, there is no need to do all the job on your own because you can get assistance with your homework. If you contact some reputable custom writing services, they will provide help with university coursework on any business-related subject. Expert writers can analyze startups in a professional way, so your paper will look excellent. This way you can save your time and focus on more important aspects of learning. But if you still want to complete this challenging task by yourself, let’s consider some of the most outstanding young companies below!

The Meatless Farm

The Meatless Farm was founded by Morten Toft Bech and raised approximately $31 million in funding. It started producing vegan, plant-based meats in 2018 and initially sold its products in British supermarkets only. Made primarily from pea protein, mince, burger patty, and sausage have gained huge popularity among vegetarians all over the globe. As of October 2020, the company employed over a hundred people in Leeds, New York, Singapore and Amsterdam. The vegan burger produced by The Meatless Farm was added to the menu of a big British pub chain called Wetherspoons, which is a great success. The company has an ambitious mission which is to reduce overall meat consumption by making switching to vegan food easier.


Opteran is a spinout startup of the University of Sheffield. In 2020, it raised almost £2.1 million in funding. Students and researchers have significantly contributed to the development of Opteran. In its essence, this is a natural intelligence company that created a technology inspired by insect brains. It develops lightweight silicon brains capable of making sophisticated decisions. This technology is supposed to be used in robots and autonomous vehicles. Can you imagine how far today’s technology has advanced? The things done by Opteran are truly inspiring.


Another health-related startup based in Leeds is Hero. It was founded in 2018 by Joe Gaunt. In total, the company raised £2.3M in investments. Interestingly, Mercia Equity Finance bank invested £825,000 in startup development. Formed as a well-being platform, Hero is aimed at supporting different types of healthy behaviour through their services. To make a positive impact on individuals and communities, Hero offers a wide range of services, from coaching and training consulting to health and nutrition advice as well as medical screening. In short, the company’s experts can help with almost any kind of health-related issue.


Incuto raised £2.6M from different funds, including NPIF, Future Fund, Ascension Ventures’ Fair and the North East Innovation Fund. The startup was launched by Andrew Rabbitt with the aim of developing financial technology as he believed that everyone deserves access to fair and affordable financial services. Today, Incuto gives ethical credit unions and individual lenders the right tools to grow their businesses. The company helps to drive sales, reduce costs and enhance users’ digital experience by providing a multi-functional cloud-based platform. Being partners with Experian and TransUnion, ClearBank, Incuto offers a big variety of off-the-shelf services, allowing customers to access new channels to market. One of the major reasons why the platform attracts so many users is affordability and ease of use. In fact, it charges per transaction and doesn’t require license fees or tie-ins, minimizing any barriers to entry.


There are not so many successful pet startups in the UK, but ITCH is one of them. It was launched by Charlotte Harper, James Cox and Jonny Gould a few years ago, in 2018. Initially, it raised  £7.25M thanks to Accel Partners and Seedcamp. In total, the company received £12.25M of investments. Being a pet wellbeing startup, Itch uses data to create personalised subscription packs helping animals stay healthy. In general, it provides quicker, cheaper, and more convenient options for preventive care for pets. Itch offers treats and products to avoid flea infestations, worming issues and other health problems.

Final thoughts

Yorkshire is becoming one of the biggest business hubs in the United Kingdom. Its dynamic development ensures jobs for British people that arrive in the county from different regions. Recently launched companies based in Leeds, Sheffield and other big cities drive the industry progress and inspire young people to do their own business. More and more ambitious students don’t limit themselves to just doing school projects and coursework, they set up small firms as well. Today, Yorkshire is seen as a breeding ground for successful startups that may grow in highly profitable corporations.

Author’s BIO

Cory Shilling is a computer geek and young entrepreneur. He has recently launched his tech startup in the educational domain. Cory’s aim is to make the life of students easier with the help of advanced technology.

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