5 Ways To Bring Zen Into Your Bedroom

By Hartleys Rooms

We use zen as a slang term for relaxation and calm, and feng shui is one way of enhancing the feeling of serenity in the bedroom.  Feng shui itself is the ancient art of creating positive vibes by establishing a harmonious connection with nature. So careful placement of furniture and thoughtful choices of colours for your décor will optimise the flow of chi (energy) in your home, and improve your sense of wellbeing and your positive energy.

With anxiety levels higher than usual in the current climate, it’s key that we find ways of boosting our mental health. One important way to keep the positive vibes flowing is by ensuring we get a good night’s sleep, which is often easier said than done. Applying feng shui to your bedroom is one idea for achieving a relaxing slumber which we explore in this blog…

Bedroom Layout

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The bedroom is the most important room of the home in feng shui philosophy. It is your personal space, the room where you spend most time in. More importantly it is a restorative space, where you spend many hours asleep and being in a passive state means you are more affected by all the energies in the room.

Thus the way you arrange your furniture, and foremostly, where you place your bed, is worth considering. Feng shui suggests that your bed should be positioned in the centre of the room, away from the door, and certainly not in line with it. This will centralise the energy of your room and prevent it from leaving. Secondly, your headboard should sit against a solid wall for strength and support, leaving free space either side and at the foot of your bed.

Whilst your bedroom may present itself as the ideal location for setting up a work-station – possibly being more spacious and quieter than the rest of the house – wherever possible it should not be used for work purposes. The bedroom is a space for relaxation, hence any deviation will throw the room’s energy off balance. It makes sense that your brain will find it more difficult to switch off at night time with your workstation in view. If you’re interested in how to apply feng shui to your WFH space, you can read more via this link.

Clear The Pathways From Clutter

Take a good look at what you have stored under your bed. These items will affect you while you’re asleep in a passive “yin” state and may also represent, or create, subconscious blocks in your life. Shoes can keep you feeling like you’re moving rather than resting. Likewise, luggage might keep you on the go and never feeling completely settled. A clear space beneath your bed will allow the qi (life force energy) to flow freely.

We already know that a tidy home in general reduces stress, so it’s not a stretch to appreciate that it’s most important in the bedroom. Rather than a relaxing environment, piles of clutter will keep your brain active as it tries to work out how to find a solution to the mess.

Positive feng shui is about incorporating items into your space which have meaning and purpose. Functional furniture, which is also aesthetically pleasing, promotes positive vibes, not least because it prevents the build up of clutter. Effective storage brings zen into your bedroom promoting a clean and tidy environment. Fitted furniture, such as wardrobes or cupboards are ideal as they maximise a space and offer a permanent location for your treasures, plus they look streamlined and are easy to keep dust-free.

Use Fen-Shui Friendly Colours

It’s generally accepted that soothing rich earth and skin tones such as terracotta, copper, coral, cream and peach are supportive colours, which encourage us to relax, creating a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom. Soft natural colours like light blues, greens and lavenders lend the bedroom a quiet, tranquil vibe and invite healing energy.

On the other hand, bright bold shades such as red, orange or neon colours can over-activate the energy and cause unrest. Whites, greys and metallic colours will make your space feel structured and refined. However, the best colours for your bedroom really depends on what you need. If you desire a little more passion in your bedroom, try adding some splashes of red for a more dynamic environment.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Feng shui is all about creating harmony in your surroundings by better connecting you with nature, so lush green house plants are perfect for achieving balance in your bedroom. It has been proven that plants can reduce anxiety levels and simply adding fresh flowers can enhance your sleeping environment as they uplift the energy of a space.

During lockdowns, the trend for house plants has grown phenomenally with people looking to refresh their over-inhabited living spaces with air-purifying and oxygen-generating solutions. For those who have been quarantining, fresh greenery is a way of enjoying the benefits of the great outdoors without stepping foot outside.

Daylight is important too – we all appreciate how much better we feel during the spring and summer months when the mornings and evenings are lighter. So if it’s possible to have your bed by a window, that’s ideal. If not, make sure any and all sunlight can make it into your bedroom so that you can benefit both physically and mentally.

Keep Electrical Items To A Minimum

Electric and magnetic fields are created by electronic devices and power lines, and can be harmful and drain our energy. On a practical level, we all know that the presence of devices in our bedrooms disrupts our sleep and circadian rhythms. So if you have trouble getting a good night’s rest, keep electronics to a minimum in the bedroom. Buy an alarm clock, read a book and keep your phone and laptop tucked up safely in another room!

Whilst we’re not experts in the art of feng shui, we are adept at creating aesthetically pleasing storage solutions which will help keep your bedroom free of clutter and thus promote a more zen-like vibe. If you’d like to see how our bespoke furniture could improve the layout and functionality of your space, you can take an online 3D tour of our showroom or request a design visit to your home via https://hartleysbedrooms.co.uk/. We’d also be pleased to hear from you on 01756 700471.

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