90s Interior Trends: Then & Now

To celebrate Thomas Sanderson’s 30th anniversary, Richard Petrie, interiors expert at www.thomas-sanderson.co.uk takes a look at some of the most popular interior trends from the 1990s to see if they’ve stuck around. 

Trends That Have Stuck Around

Animal Print

1990s: Big in the fashion world around the same time, it didn’t take long for animal print to transition into our homes. Leopard print was the most popular pattern for wallpaper and cushions followed closely by zebra print.

Now: Animal print has stood the test of time and is still around but now the bold pattern is best worked more subtly on a feature wall or on a statement rug in an otherwise neutral room. 

Wicker Furniture

1990s: Known for its durability and comfort, wicker was originally popular for patio furniture but it soon found its way inside in the 1990s. 

Now: More recently wicker is back as a firm favourite, the material has a vintage quality and the ability to make any space look chic. Wicker now looks great inside or out and can be paired with indoor plants and bold patterns. 

Blonde Wood

1990s: Before blonde wood, a term for lighter woods such as maple and birch, it was dark wood all the way. The 1990s saw the introduction of blonde wood being widely used but not fully embraced as it was often hidden by lacquer. 

Now: Blonde wood has received a sophisticated update for the 21st century and can be easily incorporated in furniture or accessories to give a light and airy feel to your space, working especially well in open-plan spaces. 

Trends That Have Disappeared

Lava Lamp

1990s: Following bright fashion in the 1990s it was also inevitable that bright lights and lava lamps would creep into our homes.  Rather than being used as a light source, they were best known for creating mood lighting and had surprising calming properties. 

Now: Lava lamps seem to have disappeared and been replaced by neon signs which are now used as a piece of art but only work best when consistent with the remainder of the property’s style. 

Fake Fruit

1990s: Making your kitchen appear homely was a large part of 90s living. Having fake fruit, which always looked ripe, on display was inviting and made your room gleam to perfection.

Now: It appears that this is a trend that hasn’t made a comeback with people opting for a more natural feel by using real fruit in their bowl or simply replacing it with alternative decorative features like candles.


1990s: Becoming mainstream in the 1990s, the bean bag was a staple for any child’s bedroom or playroom where comfort and fun were key.

Now: Although popular in the 90s, the beanbag seems to have gone out of fashion with many people opting for smaller stools or fold up furniture to maximise space.

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