A Brunch Offering Worth Boasting About At Residence 74’s New Headingley Venue

Residence 74 opened a third venue in Leeds last month. Best known for its brilliant brunches and hearty breakfasts, the LS16 favourite now has a swanky new cafe bar in Headingley. I haven’t yet visited the other venues so jumped at the chance to head over and see exactly why Residence 74 has such a great reputation.

Set over two floors, Residence in Headingley boasts gorgeous New York-inspired interiors throughout. The first floor is reserved for events and bottomless brunches and the ground floor houses the main bar and dining areas.

With its exposed brickwork, ever-so-trendy neon lights, lush botanicals and industrial-style furnishings, it’s easy to see how Residence appeals to both daytime diners and weekend partygoers. I should imagine that it’s a somewhat seamless transition from the chilled cafe bar vibes I experienced to the vibrant nighttime ambience I have heard about from others.

My husband and I arrived just before 12 pm, following a two-train trip over from Skipton and a bitterly cold walk in the snow. Greeted almost immediately as we entered the door and given a choice of tables, we soon found ourselves seated by one of the floor-to-ceiling windows with warming drinks in front of us.

The coffee was exceptionally good but I expected nothing less from Residence 74, which regularly receives glowing reviews on TripAdvisor for its artisan coffee, apparently faultless food and consistently impeccable service.

The breakfast and brunch menu is available at the LS6 venue from 9 am until 4 pm each day and lunch can be ordered from 11 am.

Both menus are bursting with tempting offerings and it took us a while to decide which to choose from. The Steak & Cheese Melt from the lunch menu caught my eye and Mr Wilson-Barrett almost succumbed to a spiced chicken burger with streaky bacon and sweet chilli mayo. However, it was our first meal of the day so it made sense for us to begin with breakfast.

The Breakfast & Brunch menu features almost every breakfast dish one could wish for. If you like to start your day with a traditional Full English then you can’t go wrong at Residence 74 as it serves regular, vegan and vegan versions.

Other hot dishes include the ever-popular avo on toast, fluffy pancakes or French toast with a range of toppings, hot breakfast sandwiches and four poached egg dishes.

Quite expectedly, Mr Wilson-Barrett opted for the Mighty English (£11.95) which comprised all the usual components of a good fry-up but with double servings of hash browns, sausages and eggs. Just what he needed after being dragged to Headingley in the snow following a particularly exerting night shift.

I ordered Eggs Residence (£9.25) – a toasted English muffin topped with crispy bacon, hash browns, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

It wasn’t the shortest of waits between ordering and eating but to me, this was an indication that everything was being cooked to order, rather than being reheated in a microwave or served from a hot plate where it had been left to dehydrate for hours on end.

Mr Wilson-Barrett’s breakfast lived up to its ‘Mighty’ description and there was more than enough to satisfy a hungry husband such as mine. However, there are two components of a Full English that my husband will not usually eat – the mushroom and the black pudding. Both were nestled comfortably between the generous portions of bacon, sausage and eggs on his Mighty English at Residence.

I was more than willing to prevent the perfectly grilled field mushroom from being wasted by adding it to my own plate, however, I fully expected the black pudding to be returned to the kitchen at the end of our meal.

Uncharacteristically, Mr Wilson-Barrett polished it off along with everything else which remained on his plate, after exclaiming “I have never liked it before but I like it now”. My husband is stubborn by nature and not one who will easily change his food preferences, so this was quite a revelation!

I should imagine the black pudding he willingly and happily consumed at Residence was vastly superior in quality to any he has tried previously. Having managed to persuade him to part with the end of his sausage, I have no doubt that their meat produce is carefully sourced and only premium offerings make the plates.

My Eggs Residence dish arrived steaming hot and perfectly assembled – hash browns, bacon and poached eggs perched upon English muffin halves and topped with hollandaise. Whilst such dishes may seem relatively simple to create, an overcooked egg or an excessive amount of hollandaise can ruin them completely.

My eggs were cooked and presented exactly how I like them – the yolks were gloriously runny and they were topped with the optimum amount of sauce. The bacon, although I suspect was unsmoked, whereas I prefer smoked, was also cooked to perfection and the hash browns were delightfully crispy. My only disappointment was the lack of butter on the toasted muffin but that’s a personal preference and something I perhaps should have requested when ordering.

Certainly an enjoyable visit and I now fully understand why Residence 74 is the brunch spot of choice for so many in the Leeds area. Not a single drop of grease could be found on either of our plates and everything we ate was genuinely delicious. If you haven’t visited before, I definitely recommend popping in next time you’re in Headingley. Hopefully, I’ll make it back to try that Steak & Cheese Sandwich and a cocktail or two!

This review was written and published following an invitation to dine at Residence, Headingley. An invitation does not guarantee coverage on The Yorkshire Press or any other publications owned by Roaring Media Ltd – we only publish reviews following positive experiences, whether we have been invited to dine or made a personal reservation. The brands we work with have no editorial control over our content

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