Design advice: Create the bedroom of dreams

It might not be the first essential you think of when it comes to designing a bedroom, but adding a rug can reap serious style benefits.

According to the experts at independent online shop The Rug Retailer, incorporating a rug into your bedroom scheme not only elevates your interior style but helps creates a cosy, relaxed atmosphere – perfect for resting and recharging.

Chris Bond, Director of The Rug Retailer, said: “Whether you have carpet, wood or even tiled floors in the bedroom, there is still plenty of extra style points to be earnt with the addition of a rug.   

“Choose correctly and a rug can be used to pull together different elements of your bedroom design scheme. Plus, adding layers, even on the floor, will create a more relaxed, warming feel which is perfect in a bedroom.”  

Here, Chris shares his top three design tips for incorporating a rug into the bedroom:

Wear It Big
Opt for a large rug that will ‘elevate’ the bed. In most bedrooms, the bed is always going to be the main focal point and placing a large rug underneath it will enhance this feeling. And don’t think this is a trick solely for wooden or tiled bedroom floors – choose a contrasting colour and design to make your carpet pop.

Go Bold
Many shy from bold colours and patterns in the bedroom, opting for more neutral schemes to create a sense of calm. A rug is a understated way to introduce some colour, pattern, and interest, without dominating the rest of the scheme.

Into the Zone
For bedrooms large enough to have different areas, smaller rugs are a perfect way to zone the room. Whether you want to section off a dressing table, bedroom storage or a seating area, use a rug as a subtle separator.

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