PoundToy are looking for their first Junior Toy Designer

PoundToy are looking for their first ever Junior Toy Designer and your child could be paid £300 in toys for designing their dream toy!

Does your child have a giant imagination? Can they be found dreaming up new games and make-believe amusements? If so, PoundToy needs their creative mind to design their next toy.

You can apply to be PoundToy’s first ever Junior Toy Designer here

Job Specification 

  • Job Role: Junior Toy Designer 
  • Location: Work from home 
  • Working Hours: As many as you wish
  • Salary: £300 worth of toys and your dream toy brought to life!

Desired Skills 

  • The successful candidate will have a huge imagination and bundles of creativity. 
  • A passion for fun and playtime. 
  • The expert knowledge of what kids want to play with – this means that grown-ups applications will not be considered!

The successful applicant will see their winning design brought to life as PoundToy will mock up a design for their creation.

How to Apply 

If you have a child with a creative streak and an imagination as big as them, make sure to fill out an application form here, complete with a name and photo of their dream toy design, and a brief overview on why it will be the next big thing. 

The competition is open to residents of the United Kingdom aged 2 – 11 years of age, and applications close at 11:59pm on 30th of November.

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