Expert reveals the biggest floral trends for your home this Winter

Expert florists at Interflora reveal the floral trends set to be big this Winter using industry knowledge and Google search trends.

With the holiday season just around the corner, there’s no better time to incorporate winter foliage and flowers into your home to give it that seasonal touch.

Vicky Salmon, in-house florist at Interflora comments ‘The holiday period is the perfect time to bring foliage and flowers into your home whether you’re a floral novice or an expert florist. 

‘We’ve identified the biggest trends to consider when buying flowers for yourself or your home this winter from the must-have blooms of the moment to mood-boosting bouquets and interior trends to follow right down to the last stem.’

Top Winter Floral Trends


Ivy is a great addition to your home in winter. During the crisp winter months, you’ll find that this type of plant will grasp frost in an idyllic way. However, the winter months aren’t the most optimal conditions for Ivy as they struggle to grow in colder temperatures. 

If Ivy is a plant that you’re looking to add to your winter collection, Vicky Salmon, in-house florist at Interflora recommends that you keep an eye on the plant as the temperature drops, and move it inside if needed. “Whilst Ivy can appear beautifully Christmassy when frosted over, this particular bloom needs warmer and more moist conditions to grow. In periods of ‘deep freezes’ check the plant’s roots to ensure they aren’t completely frozen over and bring inside until the cold weather has passed if necessary.”

Floral Hoops

With demand for ‘floral hoops’ increasing by 29% in the lead up to Christmas, they can be a great alternative to the usual wreaths this festive season. Simple yet stylish, you can use a combination of your favourite winter blooms to decorate your floral hoops, making them the perfect DIY project this winter. 

Red Roses

If you’re looking for a festive bouquet for someone special, or aren’t keen on the popular poinsettia, red roses could be a great alternative. 

With the vibrant red flower emanating the feeling of Christmas, pairing the arrangement with some simple festive accessories will be the ideal festive gift for that special someone. 

Festive Accessories

If you’re looking for the perfect way to bring a bit of festive sparkle to your winter blooms, consider using festive accessories. Anything red and white will certainly spread the festive cheer. 

Consider using small sprigs of Holly to brighten your table pieces, candy canes in your bouquets or even glittering snowflakes in your wreaths. 


A trend that has recently been doing the rounds on Tik Tok- the bath bouquet. This winter people are attempting to give their bathrooms a ‘spa-like feel’ by hanging Eucalyptus plants on their showers’. 

In fact, demand for the trend has increased by 222%, suggesting that ‘at home spas’ are here to stay.

Not only is the plant visually appealing, but the essential oils in Eucalyptus can help to relieve congestion and reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation- perfect for the upcoming cold winter months!

White Hypericum

Despite its simple look, the White Hypericum isn’t one to be overlooked this winter. If you’re looking to add interest and texture to your bouquets, table arrangements, or anything that needs something extra, these little beauties will do just that. 

Using the white, along with some red and brown Hypericum’s, you can add the perfect wintery touch to your festive blooms this Christmas. 


Pine is the perfect addition to any of your winter floral arrangements this Christmas. Paired with a splash of colour from some Hypericums and a sprig of a pine tree, they will be a great stand out feature for your Christmas decor.  

Fragrant Touches

This winter, fill your homes with the scent of Christmas by creating your own ‘stove pot pourri’ that is guaranteed to fill your noses with the warm memories of past festivities. 

Vicky Salmon, in-house florist at Interflora suggests using a few of your favourite well-known festive ingredients, “Ingredients such as pine, rosemary, lavender, bay leaves, orange slices, star anise, cranberries and cinnamon sticks are guaranteed to fill the air throughout your home with Christmas spirit, whether you’re expecting guests or you and your family just want to get into the festive spirit, this is a great way to spread the Christmas cheer”. 

Burgundy Tones

With the demand for burgundy flower bouquets increasing by 23%, it’s clear that these will be a staple in a lot of people’s homes this festive season. 

The versatility of the colour makes it ideal for a Christmassy bouquet, paired with the famous red poinsettia, white Hypericum and festive accessories, a burgundy bouquet would make the perfect gift or centrepiece for the Christmas Day table.

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