Online Lottery Sales Have Changed The World

People love to play the lottery. There have always been those who consider them evil, wrong, and sinful. There are those who many believe have a compulsive, biological, or even genetic weakness that leads them into addiction, and therefore none of us should have access to the games.

Cities, towns, educational facilities, universities, and charities around the world succeed because of the funds provided by lottery tickets sold by the governments to brick and mortar locations in their areas. Thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people are employed in the United States alone, paid by the commission stores earn from selling local lottery tickets. And customers are no problem. Every week they come. They pick their lottery ticket, they select their numbers, and they renew their dreams. Every day, they put the money on the counter and they purchase hope.

Wasted money

Every person who ever bought a lottery ticket has probably had someone tell them they were wasting their money. Some people war us in their condescending way as if they are explaining to a child at the fair that the ring will never circle the bottle, so save your quarter. They explain to their grandmother that the odds are so stacked against them that they will never win, and smile as she checks off the numbers of the years that her kids were born.

The truth is the odds are stacked against you. But we still think it is worth our few dollars to buy our dream. We know that someone will win. We think, “Maybe this time it will be me. Why not?”  In October of 2018, a lady in South Carolina, USA  bought a Mega Millions Lottery ticket. She chose numbers 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, and Mega Ball 5. This was her lucky day. She won roughly 1.6 billion dollars! Sometimes dreams come true. Between the Saturday and Tuesday before that day 370 million tickets were sold. So a lot of people did not win. But, they are probably still playing. Next time, it could be their lucky day.

COVID-19 & Online Lottery Sales

Traditional lottery sales have always been controlled by location and legislation. This has been a way to control the cash flow and to determine where they invest in their cities and neighborhoods. But one lottery company operates differently.


Lottoland is an offshore casino and lottery company. They are the industry leader and a trailblazer in the online lottery market. Lottoland is not held to one city, region, or country. They are a global company. Lottoland offers the same lottery experience as the others. The lottery tickets look the same The games play the same. The rules are the same and the prizes are the same. The only difference is with theirs you are betting on the lottery game. With Lottoland, you are betting on the results of the game. In the game mentioned above, the winner bet the numbers 5, 28, 62, 65, 70, and Mega Ball 5. That was the winning ticket. If you bet those numbers, you bet that was the result of the game, so you have won. The amount she was roughly 1.6 billion dollars, so that is what you have won. Everything is the same, except you bet Mega Millions @ Lottoland and she paid for a ticket at a market in the USA.

Lottery changed around the world

Luca Esposito,the executive director of the World Lottery Association, or WLA, a lobby group that represents national, state, and provincial lotteries around the globe, watched as stores locked up in the early days of COVID-19. He watched as January turned into February and then March and unsold lottery tickets and scratch-off tickets stayed in boxes with no place to deliver them.

As if someone turned on a light bulb, lottery lovers, casino lovers, and people who loved the games of chance found their way to the online lottery. It was not a slow and easy transmission. It exploded and it continues. Experts in the industry are racing to determine how they can adapt to get a share of the revenue. It is obvious that online lotteries are here and they are not going anywhere. Most agree that after the pandemic, there may be some growth in in-person sales, but it will never return to the days past when they were king.


Critics today warn of governments who will use online tools to get too much information on people. They believe they will take advantage of people signing up for these sites and get all of their data so they can sell them products, sell their marketing data, and collect information that could do them harm if it was released.

In today’s world of technology, it would seem that information would be online already if the person had used their computer to sign up for a credit card, direct deposit, e-mail, or one of the hundreds of sites we see every day. Of course, all people need to make sure they do not give out sensitive information and that they have current and quality spyware installed. We are still in the early days of COVID. We do not know where technology will have to evolve to keep up. Until then, all we can do is be careful and do the best we can to protect ourselves. At the end of the day, it will all work out as long as we all work together.

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