The woman who lives in a real-life Disney inspired house (+ tips on how to create your own)

A Disney inspired house is every child’s dream (with this dream often continuing into adulthood!) But without the Disney budget, how can you recreate your very own Disney magic at home?  

From Disney castle playhouses to little mermaid bathrooms,, have put together a list of their favourite Disney inspired social media home accounts and DIY sensation Mel Hamblett shares their top tips on how you can bring the Disney magic into your own home. 

5 Social Media Home Accounts inspired by Disney 

Instagram HandleInstagram Follower Count TikTok Handle TikTok Likes 
@KelseyMichelle8582.4k @KelseyMichelle8518.1 million
@AngieBellemare75.5k @AngieBellemare26.9k
@Agm_Studios953,560@AndyGomez8.2 million

On TikTok, the hashtag #disneyhouse currently has over 120 million views, whilst #disneyhome has over 315K posts on Instagram, proving that Disney inspired interiors are more popular than ever before.

  • TikTok’s favourite princess-inspired home account belongs to self-described ‘Disney decorator’ Kelsey Michelle. Kelsey has obtained 18.1 million TikTok likes from creating a Cinderella-themed master bedroom to a Tangled themed living room.
  • Angie Bellemare, YouTuber and Disney fanatic has also proved popular by sharing her Disney inspired home interiors online and has amassed over 75.5k followers. Angie’s home is located in Golden Oak, the only residential community on Walt Disney World property. Her home features a Mickey Mouse fountain and even a Disney smellitizer, a machine designed to replicate the smells of Disneyland.
  • Trending on TikTok recently has been Andy Gomez (8.2 million likes), who has built his family their very own Princess Castle replica in their back garden. 

Real-Life Case Study

Further princess ‘homespiration’ can be taken from Mel Hamblett, creator of the Instagram home account @awholenewbuild. Mel transformed her ‘tired’ bathroom into a mermaid dream, inspired by her favourite film The Little Mermaid. The £350 transformation saw the inclusion of hot pink walls, brass fixtures and colourful rainbow fish-inspired floor tiles. Using the power of social media Mel is using her platform to show how homeowners can transform their ordinary homes without spending a fortune.

Speaking with the mortgage experts at, Mel shares her top 5 tips for transforming your home into a princess-inspired dream!

1. Find ways to add the princess touch in a subtle way. I love using independent or small businesses to create bespoke artwork featuring quotes or song lyrics from different films. It’s an affordable way to add unique artwork to your home, whilst still blending seamlessly with your decor and maintaining a nod to your favourite character or film. Plus, only true fans get the reference which is a great conversation starter!

2. Keep cards, postcards, photos and posters to fill up gallery walls. We regularly get Disney themed cards for birthdays, and over the years have collected some lovely posters and photos from our trips to Disneyland. Smaller cards are great for filling gaps in a gallery wall (and add a lovely personal touch) while a poster can look like a much more expensive work of art in the right frame. Mix them up with other styles of art or use second-hand frames from charity shops for a real eclectic feel. 

3. Show your Disney side. Don’t be afraid to be whimsical with your gadgets and gizmos! We have collections of Disney Funko pops that are displayed in our mermaid bathroom and a mug collection that is displayed on open shelving in our kitchen. If it makes you happy, don’t hide it away! Why not make a feature of your favourite items and find ways to display your collections in a way which is both practical and stylish.

4. Always search for discount codes. If you’re spending a lot, you can always politely message independent companies on Facebook or Instagram and ask if there are any codes available. It might only be 5 or 10% off, but a friendly message goes a long way! 

5. Get upcycling! There are so many brilliant paint products available now allowing you to add a personalised touch to furniture without the need for much prep. Source second-hand items from Facebook Marketplace or eBay and get creative with adhesive vinyl and paint. I’ve used vinyl in my bathroom and spare bedroom to create mermaid themed units, and I have spray painted both my taps and an acrylic mermaid cut-out to match my decor”. 

Feeling inspired?, have also reimagined what the homes of our favourite princesses would look like if you took away the Disney magic and gave them a mortgage. You can view all of the reimagined princesses’ homes, including Elsa’s and Snow White’s here. 

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