Top 5 games for critical thinking

A sharp mind and quick reaction time have always been considered respectable qualities. And although some people have them from birth, it does not mean that for others they will always remain a weakness. This is why geniuses are constantly working on solving logical problems with unconventional approaches.

Now it’s easy to combine development with leisure and hobbies, because all the information you need can be found on the Internet. A great option – gambling. Such a pastime can be seen not only as entertainment, but also the development of critical thinking and wit. And to start the game you only need to find a decent online casinos that provide online slot games without gamstop, and to create an account.

Yes or No

Incredibly popular game that has many variations for people of all ages. Such a pastime is suitable for developing logic in young preschoolers, and to improve critical thinking in older people. The best thing is that this game does not require any additional materials.

The game can be played in pairs or with a large group – the number of participants is not limited. You can also find variations on the Internet that you can play on your own, using a special application.

Before the game starts, you have to think of a tricky, unusual situation, or find it on the internet. The task of the players is to figure out what happened and what led to it. To do this, they can ask different questions, to which the presenter only has to answer ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Doesn’t matter’. The important thing is not to prompt, but to allow the players to go through all the options, even if putting together a chain of events at first sight seems impossible.


The gambling industry continues to grow rapidly in popularity among web users. Gambling is loved by players for many reasons: first of all, they are exciting and emotional – that is the best way to get rid of stress, or vice versa – to make up for the lack of vivid impressions.

In addition, they are diverse: there are many genres of gambling, each with its own specific gameplay, unique rules and interesting mechanics. And the icing on the cake is flexibility. Enjoy your favorite games can be anywhere: you need to have a modern device and a stable Internet connection. You can play while travelling, at work during your lunch break, in a traffic jam or in a queue, thus keeping yourself occupied with something interesting.

Skilled players can turn this hobby into a way to earn money: using different strategies, you can beat your opponents and collect impressive jackpots.

The best way to develop a critical mind is to play card games such as poker and blackjack. Such games are difficult to predict the outcome of the round, and you have to constantly perform thought operations to stay one step ahead of your opponent.


A game great for critical thinking, but also for improving logic, oratory and attentiveness.

At least two people are needed for the game, but the bigger the company, the better, because more original ideas can be heard. Before the game starts, choose one object or phenomenon and then divide up the group – one to describe the positive and one to describe the negative.

This kind of practice helps one to learn to look at a situation from different angles and to find the pros and cons of any phenomenon. It is also a great way to develop logic and the ability to find different uses for the same object.

Playing with children, it is important to choose familiar concepts, but for the game in an adult company, you can use the terms on the harder.


Everyone’s favorite childhood hobby, which has long been forgotten as an adult. But do not underestimate the importance of the pastime: scientists have established a direct correlation between solving crossword puzzles and improved cognitive processes – attention, memory.

Practice shows that seniors who devote daily attention to solving crossword puzzles, retain brain power, mental clarity and memory depth, both short and long term.

Dedicating only half an hour a day to doing crossword puzzles, you can keep all the cognitive processes in shape and train your intellect, learning something new every day.

There are also children’s options that are great for kids of all ages.

Unusual application

A game aimed at training critical thinking, overcoming patterns of thinking and creativity. To start, guess an object and then suggest alternative uses for it in turn.

Overall, to train thinking is very simple and fun, this practice takes no more than half an hour every day, but it is an excellent way to take care of yourself in the long run. Many of the games do not require any additional items, so you can invite friends to play them together for a good time.

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