What Are The Licence Requirements For An Online Casino In The UK?

The notion of legalised gambling is fairly new in the UK. The country does not have the rich history that other country’s do, mostly because the act of betting was only made legal on the 1st September 1960.

Since then, gambling in the UK was a niche past time that was ignored by the general public. Bingo halls were popular, but that was about it. 

However, in 2005 the law changed to allow establishments with a valid gambling licence to advertise themselves in public spaces. This one change saw gambling become a £14billion industry. Plus, this change came about at the start of the online casino boom, giving everybody the chance to get involved.

So, what are the requirements a licenced casino must adhere to in the UK?

Display Your Licence

The first rule that you must adhere to as a casino licence holder is that your licence must be easily accessible. Whether you are a land based establishment or an online casino site, there must be a way for the UK gambling commission and your customers to see that you are in fact a licenced gambling body. You can always check with Casino Sites Online to find out if an online casino holds a valid gambling licence.

Failure to provide proof of licence on request is grounds for disciplinary action.

Fair Play

All gambling machines must be monitored regularly to make sure that gambling is fair for each player. This means that everything at the casino can pay out if the player wins, and that there is an even spread of odds for every type of player.

There are obviously bonus offers that can negate this type of fairness, but these are paid into with wagering requirement contracts from the player. Also, these must be clear by the operator and bonuses are only in effect for a short period of time.


The definition of gambling is entering into a situation with a stake for the chance to win more than you initially paid. The risk and reward nature of gambling does make it hard for some people to stop. 

Gamstop is a self-exclusion programme that identifies vulnerable individuals to prevent them from using gambling sites. This policy was introduced in 2018, and has seen over 50,000 people sign up in the years following its introduction.

The programme is considered to be a success, given that only 0.4% of the UK gambling population have suffered as a result of their addiction. That is why all UK gambling licence holders must adhere to all the rules set out by the Gamstop initiative. 

Again, failure to prevent members of the public that have signed up to the Gamstop programme form using your establishment can result in harsh penalties.


The UKL gambling authority has put all of these rules in place to protect you, the consumer. What’s more, these are only the main restrictions placed on gambling providers. The rules and regulations for gambling in the UK is always under review, so expect more changes to come.

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