Yorkshire sleep experts share their top 5 tips for sleeping in a heatwave

Whilst the prospect of the increasing temperatures is initially something we brits long for during the chillier months of the year, once it comes around and the heat waves hit, many of us are left unprepared for the complete shock to the system the sweltering heat has on us – including our ability to get a good night’s rest. 

So this summer, don’t let periods of intense heat affect your sleep. Yorkshire-based sleep experts, Sonno have shared some of their top tips to avoid spending your summer nights tossing and turning. 

Tip 1 – Switch your sheets 

Many people, even if the weather is too warm, struggle to fall asleep without having some covers. And those who don’t may still wake during the night with a chill as even during heatwaves, our body temperatures drop during the night. 

So, ditch the duvet, not the sheets altogether. Perhaps switch to just a thin breathable cotton sheet. You can even now find on the market bedding specifically designed to help keep you cool. 

Tip 2 – Keep the heat out 

Whilst it’s tempting to open all your curtains and windows and bask in the glorious sunlight all day, this is something you want to avoid if your house gets too hot. 

Although it may feel strange to do so, keeping your windows and curtains closed even during the day is a great way to prevent the temperature from rising to unbearable levels in your house – especially if you have sun-facing windows. This is even more beneficial if you have blackout curtains as opposed to thin curtains that let a lot of light in. 

Tip 3 – Try to reduce your body temperature before bed 

It’s always tempting to stay out in the sun as long as possible, to have an alcoholic beverage or maybe even stick to a routine of a relaxing bath before bed even during the hot weather. However, all these activities too close to bedtime can raise your internal temperature, making it harder to sleep. 

Taking a cool shower or bath can help reduce your temperature so it’s easier to drift off. If you’re sunburnt, apply some after-sun or cool aloe vera gel to help you keep your skin temperature down. 

Tip 4 – Stay hydrated 

Keeping hydrated during heatwaves is key to avoiding heat stroke. However, we all know that when the sun comes out the first thing many of us do is pop over to the nearest beer garden. 

We recommend drinking plenty of water during the day, to stay hydrated and avoid waking up feeling thirsty during the night or unable to sleep due to the ill effects of heat stroke. And if you are going to drink alcohol, we’d recommend having one glass of water between drinks to stay hydrated. 

Staying adequately hydrated also helps to regulate your temperature. Although it’s important to drink plenty of water during the day – we recommend drinking less before bedtime to avoid multiple toilet trips keeping you up at night. But don’t forget to leave a glass of water by your bed, so you can take a sip if you need to without having to fully wake up! 

Tip 5 – Tackle the seasonal allergies 

Increasing pollen counts and heat rising often go hand in hand, which for a lot of people is a double whammy of issues preventing a restful night’s sleep. 

So, lowering the chance of hayfever at night can also help. There are many things you can do to help, some of which also help keep you cool, including keeping windows and exterior doors closed, not hanging laundry outside to dry, showering before bed to get any pollen off your skin and hair and kept out of your bed and taking your daily allergy medication at night time. 

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