30 Spook-tacular Halloween Products Available at Asda

It’s that time of year again when spooky spirits roam, and ghoulish delights beckon. As Halloween creeps closer, Asda has unveiled a devilishly delightful range of over 30 products that are sure to send shivers down your spine and tantalize your taste buds. Whether you’re hosting a haunted dinner party, stocking up for trick-or-treaters, or just craving some eerie-themed indulgences, Asda has it all.

Sweet Treats for the Brave

For those with a sweet tooth, Asda’s Halloween-inspired bakery items and snacks are the stuff of dreams—or should we say nightmares? The star of the show is the decadent Miles the Millipede Cake (£6.00), a monstrous creation perfect for sharing. If you prefer a smaller bite, it’s also available as a traybake (£6.00). Don’t miss the Miles-themed Cupcakes (£5.00) or the cute Gingerbread Biscuit (£0.65) that make for delicious post-trick-or-treating snacks. And for a truly spine-tingling experience, indulge in the brand-new Mummy Loaf Cakes (£2.50) or the hauntingly delicious Ghost Muffins (£2.00).

Trick-or-Treat Treasures

If you’re expecting a horde of little monsters at your door, fear not! Asda has you covered with brand-new goodies like Halloween Chocolate Lollies (£0.80), Stacker Marshmallows (£1.00), and Eyeballs Popping Candy (£1.00). You’ll be the hero of the neighbourhood with these treats in hand.

Halloween Dinner with a Twist

For those planning a Halloween dinner-party, Asda’s offerings are sure to impress. The Boo The Bat Pizza (£2.00) is a deliciously spooky teatime treat for both children and adults. It’s customisable, making it a perfect activity for Halloween pizza parties. And if you’re on the hunt for eerie-sistable party foods, the Firecracker Koftas with Green Slime Sauce (£4.50), Breaded Ghosts ($3.00), Halloween Spicy Breaded White Fish Goujons with a Scotch Bonnet Sauce (£2.75), and the Hot and Spicy Breaded Goujons with Boofalo Sauce (£3.00) are sure to spice up your spooky celebration. And let’s not forget the terrifyingly spicy Extra Special Carolina Reaper Pork Footlong Sausages (£3.50), packed with the world’s hottest Carolina Reaper Chilli. Paired with an Extra Special Sliced Brioche Hot Dog Roll (£1.95), they’ll set your taste buds on fire. If you prefer something milder, the Smoky Garlic Flavoured Steaks (£6.00) are the perfect vampire-repellent option, with their tantalizing smoked garlic aroma.

Crafting the Perfect Halloween

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a carved pumpkin at the door. Asda offers a variety of pumpkin sizes, including Extra Large (£3.00), Large (£2.50), Medium (£1.00), and Munchkin Pumpkins (£0.79) for the little ones, available from September 25th.

If you’re in the mood for some Halloween-themed crafting, Asda has you covered with cake and biscuit decorating kits. Try the Creepy Monster Cupcake Kit (£4.50), Pumpkin Biscuit Kit (£2.50), or the Cake Decor Edible Eyes Sugar Shaped Decorations (£1.60) for spooky fun.

When and Where to Find the Frights

The full range is now available both in-store and online until October 31st. Plus, keep an eye out for Asda Rewards incentives running throughout the month. Asda is your go-to destination for all things Halloween this year, so get ready to embrace the spookiness and indulge in some wickedly delicious treats. Happy haunting!

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