Fat Hippo’s Iconic BurgerLabs Are Back With A Spicy Summer Special!

It sure has felt like a long 90 minutes (with nervy added time) but Fat Hippo’s iconic BurgerLabs are back with a last-minute screamer… to lift the trophy for the hottest summer special! 

The sunny rays of down under have made their way into the kitchens of Fat Hippo, in the form of a stacked-up bangin’ brioche, assisted by a smooth shake. Bookies would’ve had them down as an absolute banker to go heavy on the BBQ theme this time of year, so they’ve created something even the gaffer Wiegman herself would be proud of. Prepare to get your hands of god around this because we think we may have just found the future GOATs…

Introducing the SWEET CAROLIN-A

Good times never tasted so good with single beef patty, flat top Cajun chicken, chipotle ketchup, Swiss cheese, Sweet Carolina onions, candied jalapenos + smashed avocado ‘slaw served with a choice of sides and also available as plant-based for our vegan fans too!

Fat Hippo are also supporting girls’ grass-roots teams, with 50p from each burger sale going directly to a local club to support the next generation of girls’ football!

Assisted by the BRONZ-COFF SHAKE

Dappa nut blend soft serve, biscoff sauce, whipped cream + Biscoff crumb.

The beautiful game calls for even more beautiful burgers, and with a worldie strike partnership like this, expect zero clean sheets/napkins! Scrub the boots down and head to your home Fat Hippo ground, as we all support the Lionesses to bring it home one more time!
Whether you’re bringing your best patty pal, a hungry wag or having a one on one with these keepers, be quick ‘cos there’ll be no extra time on this one…

Available 20th July – 20th August!

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