World’s Most Expensive Gin Goes On Sale at Harvey Nichols

A limited edition gin, costing a whopping £4,000, is now being sold by luxury retailer, Harvey Nichols. Morus LXIV Gin was created by Jam Jar Gin and is described as an ‘exquisite rare gin’ distilled from the leaves of a 100-year old Mulberry Tree.

Morus LXIV comes in a rather plush looking set which includes a 70cl bottle, a 3cl bottle and a porcelain stirrup cup contained in a leather, hand-embossed hide. The super expensive gin went on sale at the Harvey Nichols flagship store in Knightsbridge this morning and it isn’t available to purchase in other stores or via their website.

If you fancy getting your hands on the world’s most expensive gin,then you’d best be quick. There are just 25 of the 70cl bottles and 205 of the 3cl bottles available because each batch takes 2 years to produce.

At The Yorkshire Press, we really like gin. However, this is certainly a bottle that would we only be serving if we had something special to celebrate…like a lottery win. In the meantime, we’ll continue drinking our way through our list of great Yorkshire gins!

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