HECK!’s Inaugural Internship Programme Launches at The Great Yorkshire Show

Sausage and burger firm HECK! is searching for two new recruits during this week’s Great Yorkshire Show. The Bedale company, who will be at Harrogate’s Great Yorkshire Showground throughout the week, is launching its first internship programme, inviting entrants to pack in the regular office job and enjoy a career in food and farming.

The initiative will see entrants working across the whole of the business, from farm to fork and, while most internships are open to young people, the team at Bedale’s popular sausage and burger factory want to hear from people of all ages, including those who don’t want to have a desk-based career.

“Food and farming have always been at the heart of our business and we’re the only company in the premium sausage and burger sector that has a factory that makes its own food”, explains HECK! co-founder Jamie.

“Our HQ and factory are based on the family farm, where my brother and grandfather farm. We’re opening our first internship programme to give two people the opportunity to come and work with us and learn about every aspect of the business, from field to fork, whatever their experience. It’s a bit like The Apprentice of the food world.”

HECK! hopes future generations will see food and farming as a serious career choice

Picture taken at the company’s recent Little Farmers event

The team at HECK! are no strangers to alternative ways of recruiting talent. Among the team is food scientist Calum Smith, who won the role of sausage scientist on reality TV show ‘The Job Interview’ in 2018. Smith, from Northallerton, had been working as a Pizza Express manager but, five years on, he’s still making his mark at HECK, developing fantastic food ideas – most recently the firm’s industry firsts – a sausage bomb akin to a kiev and sausage rashers that cook and eat like bacon, and contain no added nitrites.

At the time, HECK! owners Andrew and Debbie Keeble described Smith as a ‘wild card’ but were impressed by him hand-delivering his CV to their home and his fantastic taste palette.

‘Sausage Scientist’ Calum Smith at work in the HECK! new product development kitchen.

In another first for the brand, HECK! is also sponsoring The Great Yorkshire Show, taking over the food hall at this year’s event.

People who are interested in a career in food and farming are encouraged to come along and have a chat to the team on stand 495 in the food hall.

If you’d like to apply for the HECK! Food and Farming Internship contact https://careers.heckfood.co.uk/jobs/4715924-food-farming-internship.

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