Munchies Cakeaway: Cake Delivered To Your Door!

You had a hard day at work and you’ve finally managed to get the kids to bed after an hour of complete defiance and 30 minutes trying to read ‘Chicken Little’ without swearing and questioning why you chose to have children.  Time to relax with a big cup of Yorkshire Tea and a generous portion of…CAKE. Alas! Some selfish person has devoured the last remnants of Colin the Caterpillar and Mr Kipling’s Country Slice has seen better days. You’re no Mary Berry either, so whipping up a brownie at 9pm is out of the question!

What do you want? Cake! When do you want it? All the time actually. Thanks.

If you’re lucky enough to live in York, there’s a company that will come to the rescue and enable you to spend your evening face down in a slab of Mississippi Mud Pie. Hurrah!

Munchies Cakeaway began back in August 2014, when brothers Oliver and Harry Webb were making cheesecakes in their mother’s garden shed and delivering them to the good people of York. It didn’t take long for the brothers to realise that they were on to something good with their little cake delivery service. Soon after, their fabulous shop Munchies Cakeaway, was opened on Holgate Street in York and it’s been doing tremendously well ever since. How could it not?!

All their cakes are available to order online and you can either collect them from the shop or arrange delivery direct to your door.

We’ve had a look through their online menu and, quite frankly, we’re now contemplating relocating so that our postcode falls within their delivery area. Here are just a few of the homemade slices of Heaven that could be joining you on the sofa this evening…

The Big D

Munchies Cakeaway

“The Big D” means something entirely different in our house but we much prefer the sound of this version from Munchies Cakeaway. It’s a super-creamy Caramel cheesecake, brimming with pieces of Diam and topped with even more slabs of Diam. Ohhhhhh….!

Chocolate 3 Way

We’re sensing a theme to these names! Munchies Cakeaway describe this one as ” The best kind of 3 way. Thick, creamy layers of milk chocolate folded into our delicious cream cheese and resting on a buttery biscuit base with a dark chocolate ganache on top, finished with grated white chocolate.” 

Say no more!

Slutty Brownie

munchies cakeaway

At just £2.90 a slice, we see very little point in ordering just one. This little delight from their tray bakes selection has a baked cookie dough base topped with Oreos, then brownie and then even more Oreos. SOLD!

Banoffee Pie

A traditional Banoffee Pie comprising a buttery biscuit base, fresh bananas, smooth caramel, fluffy cream and grated chocolate. As with all their cakes, you can add your choice of sauce. We think this one would be perfectly complemented by their chocolate or salted caramel sauces.  Order one with each just to make sure!

Belgian Waffle

Build your own waffle! Order their crispy homemade belgian waffle for £2.95 and then choose your own toppings. They’ve got Malteasers, Diam pieces, Oreos, Mini Marshmallows, Caramel Sauce, Chocolate Hazelnut butter and more. Pure indulgence!

So, now you know! If you live in York or you’re planning to stay in this glorious city in the not so distant future, head to and treat yourself to some of “The Big D” or a “Chocolate 3 Way”.  Best ordered and enjoyed alone!

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