Supermarket Launches World’s First TikTok House In The Yorkshire Dales

Formerly the preserve of Gen Z celebrity influencers and high-end fashion and beauty brands, Asda has become the first supermarket to launch a ‘content house’. The Asda FoodTok House evolves the format of ‘creators living under one roof’ – celebrating classic dishes, culinary creativity and its own series of food challenges that can be viewed and repeated by followers on TikTok and Instagram.From ‘Gigi Hadid pasta’, Cloud Bread and pesto eggs, TikTok has become the go-to place for inspiration, as everyone from foodie influencers and amateur cooks share recipes, innovations and cookery hacks. With over 4.7 billion #FoodTok videos on TikTok, Asda is bringing the content house to the mainstream, with an approach that is best described to newbies as ‘Big Brother meets Ready, Steady, Cook’.

Asda has converted a stunning farmhouse in the Yorkshire Dales to celebrate the quality of its summer products, where five content creators are spending six days undertaking food-based challenges. This first of its kind house sees influencers experiment with seasonal flavours and ingredients and produce new dishes, from twists on classics to trending foods.

From barbecues and picnics to creating delicious meals for a fiver, the creators will apply their own individual approaches to the challenges faced in households up and down the country.The house, which started on Saturday 1st July, involves each creator completing their own individual recipe development and cooking challenge, focusing on a range of great quality ingredients available in Asda stores nationwide. All of the ingredients, from fruit and vegetables to meat, fish and poultry, are being delivered daily to the content house, directly from Asda. Showcasing a range of Asda’s award-winning products, combined with five creative cookery influencers, the Asda FoodTok House has been created to provide recipe inspiration for shoppers who want quality, taste and new recipe ideas on a budget.

The cast of famous creators – Max McCann (@Mealswithmax), Zena Kamgaing (@zenaskitchen), Kausar Raja (@Kauscooks), Emily Roz (@Myriadrecipes), and Margie Nomura (@Desertislanddishes) – has been selected for their ability to deliver fun, delicious, mouth-watering dishes with easy-to-follow content on TikTok and Instagram.

Each assignment will vary, with creators challenged to develop recipes for showstopping summer desserts, picnic dishes, fine dining meals for a fiver, and even the ultimate BBQ spread.Speaking about the project, Sam Dickson, Acting Chief Customer Officer, said: “We’re thrilled to launch the first ever FoodTok house, opening up a 24/7 spotlight on our food quality with five foodie content creators of different ages, backgrounds and culinary approaches. The results have been inspiring, exciting and accessible to all.

“With TikTok and Instagram fast becoming the most influential platforms for food and cookery ideas, we are delighted to be leading the way with fresh ideas with fresh, quality ingredients that won’t break the bank.

“A supermarket first, we hope the Asda FoodTok House will showcase the breadth and quality of Asda’s products, and add even more fun into preparing delicious meals and great tasting food that is within everyone’s reach.”The Asda FoodTok House runs until Thursday 6th July, with content going live across the creators’ and Asda’s own channels throughout the month. For more information follow #AsdaFoodTokHouse

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