Leeds’ Most Stylish Brunch Venue? Our Experience at The Collective

The Collective Inc opened its doors on Leeds’ Boar Lane just a matter of weeks ago. A pretty unique concept and certainly the first venue of its kind in Leeds city centre, this brand new retail space and cafe bar boasts stylish décor, chilled vibes and a menu of delicious breakfast and brunch dishes.

Far more than just a city centre eatery, The Collective offers an immersive retail experience; allowing customers to use and admire some truly stunning interior design pieces and home furnishings whilst relaxing just as they would do at home. Pretty much everything on display in this beautiful space is available to purchase; from the plush sofas and the modern dining tables to the contemporary accessories and eclectic array of paintings and prints.

Eager to discover exactly what the creative entrepreneurs behind this exciting new venue have brought to Leeds, we headed over for a nosey round and a spot of brunch.

We arrived just before 11 am for our brunch booking, after a very brief but blustery walk from the train station. Relieved to have escaped the torrential rain and high winds, we chose a table by the window and settled down to admire our surroundings. The first thing we noticed was the vibrant gallery wall beside our table which featured some truly striking pieces we would have happily have walked away with if our budget allowed.

With so many beautiful pieces on display, both for use and for admiration, you’d be forgiven for presuming the atmosphere at The Collective Inc would be somewhat pretentious. However, the ambience in this stylish cafe bar is super laid back – partly due to the homely layout and partly because the staff are so friendly and approachable!

When it came to placing our order for brunch, I was typically indecisive and needed a little assistance in the form of a staff recommendation. The Sesame and Poppy Seed Bagel with its pastrami, swiss cheese and sweet gherkin filling was one dish that stood out to me and got my tastebuds tingling, however, I’m a big fan of Eggs Benedict and was assured that theirs would be amazing. After much deliberation, I ordered Eggs Benedict for myself and Scrambled Eggs on Toast for my other half, along with a couple of much-needed lattes. Had it been a bit later in the day we would have tried one of their delicious-sounding cocktails!

As soon as our food arrived, I was certain I had made the correct choice. Beautifully presented and by no means a stingy portion, my Eggs Benedict looked mouthwateringly good. It did not disappoint on taste either! Served on the crispiest and most flavoursome sourdough toast, the evidently good quality ham and perfectly poached eggs were delicious in their own right but the delightfully buttery Hollandaise Sauce took the dish to a whole new level. My husband’s Scrambled Eggs with their creamy consistency and rich flavour were equally as good.

The menu is short and sweet but includes something for everyone. For those who believe that brunch isn’t a brunch without eggs, there’s Eggs Avo with Halloumi, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, Eggs Royale and Shakshuka. If eggs aren’t your thing then their sandwiches, artisan pastries and porridge bowls all look tempting and sound pretty tasty too. Brunch at The Collective Inc won’t break the bank either, Pastries cost just £2.50 and my generously sized Eggs Benedict was a reasonable £9.50.

Both the menu and the interior styling at The Collective Inc will change on a regular basis to fit various themes and suit the seasons so, this is by no means somewhere you’ll want to visit just once. We’re big fans already so will take immense pleasure in seeing what changes are made as the year goes on. Thanks for having us, guys!

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