Celebrity-endorsed fitness brand, Barrecore, to open a studio in Leeds

Barrecore is one of the UKs most well-known and loved fitness brands. With 12 beautiful studios already proving a massive hit throughout the UK, this will be the brand’s latest addition in the North. Opening on Thursday September 2nd, the studio will be perfectly placed within Leeds’ brand-new Mustard Wharf complex at South Bank – a distinctive neighbourhood regeneration project within walking distance of the train station and city  centre.

The Barrecore method contains elements of ballet, yoga and pilates to safely and noticeably sculpt the entire body within a matter of weeks. Featured in top media titles such as Vogue, Elle and Women’s Health, Barrecore focuses on exhausting the muscles with intelligent movements that help to improve strength and transform physique.

Celebrities Claudia Schiffer and Rita Ora are huge fans of the Barrecore method and publicly endorse the technique, which is suitable for everyone due to its low impact way of working the body. It is even suitable for clients with injuries, as well as pre and postnatal women.

Owner of the Leeds franchise of Barrecore, Paige Wang, says that this studio is the perfect fit for Leeds:

“Leeds is a really cool city with a great buzz, so it makes sense for the Barrecore brand to open a studio here. The location at Mustard Wharf is ideal for attracting people from all over the city because it is really accessible. 

Our clients love the increased energy and strength levels they experience, even after just a couple of weeks. It’s the perfect exercise for building confidence in your own body and mind so it has long term wellbeing benefits too. It’s definitely a new experience and one we’re sure the people of Leeds will embrace and fall in love with.”

The Barrecore method sees clients using their own body weight for the movements which enables them to make progress that is right for them, sculpting the muscles even in those hard-to-reach places. Classes begin with a fast-paced warm-up followed by exercises that focus on each muscle group with various props and weights to aid the session. Expert teachers are on-hand to guide clients through every step and ensure they are getting the most out of every exercise.

As well as studio classes, Barrecore also offers live streaming and access to an online class library so clients can fit in a session at a time that suits them. And for clients who prefer a more personalised approach to their fitness, private sessions can be booked with a Barrecore teacher.

Barrecore offers multiple pricing options, with set class packs, monthly class packs, or monthly unlimited class packs, providing a choice to best suit your lifestyle. 

The Leeds studio is offering free of charge classes on their September 2nd launch day to encourage people to give it a go and discover the power of Barrecore for themselves, and from 3rd-5th September, all classes will be just £5. A variety of additional introductory offers will be available for purchase during the launch weekend. 

Paige concluded:

“It’s more likely that people will stick to a form of exercise if they get enjoyment out of it. Our client base is full of people of all genders, ages and abilities and each one of them finds the sessions fulfilling and empowering. Barrecore is a brand that has really hit the nail on the head when it comes to progressive exercise that really works.”

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