channel 4's new headquarters in leeds

Majestic Building to be Channel 4’s New Headquarters in Leeds

Back in October 2018, Channel 4 announced that they would be setting up their new headquarters in Leeds. Since then, people have been speculating about exactly where in the city it would be located. Architect’s Journal revealed today that a significant proportion of employees from Channel 4 will be based at the Majestic building in Leeds’ city centre.

Built in 1921, the Grade-II listed building overlooks the City Square and is one of Leeds’ most recognisable buildings. It was once a cinema and dance hall, but in more recent years, it was a popular nightclub frequented by both locals and by those visiting Leeds from further afield. The building has been empty since 2006 and a regeneration project was well underway to transform the landmark building into a ‘leisure destination’ when it was targeted by arsonists in 2014.

When Leeds was chosen to be their new headquarters in 2018, Channel 4 chief executive Alex Mahon said: ‘Leeds put forward a compelling and ambitious strategy for how they could work alongside Channel 4 to further build the strong independent production sector in the city and develop new diverse talent from across the region.

‘Locating our national HQ in Leeds enables us to capitalise on a strong and fast-growing independent production sector in cities across the north of England – and also has the potential to unlock growth in the north-east and east of the country, an area without a major presence from other national broadcasters.’

The building has been owned by Rushbond since 2010 and the deal is reportedly still being finalised. If it goes ahead, then the proposed 40 percent of staff Channel 4 wants to relocate from London to Leeds, could be in the city by November of this year.



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